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This is a research results site about the Albatros. It investigates where these birds go when they leave their nesting... see more

This highly interactive web site, "A Dancer's Journal: Learning to Perform the Dances of Martha Graham" is a multimedia... see more

This series provides an effective training program for K-12 Bilingual/ESL teachers that can be used in group trainings or... see more

1) Math Topic: Math jokes Web site: Site Rating: Excellent Description The... see more

By law, assistive technology (often referred to as “AT”) MUST be considered during the IEP process for every child. AT... see more

The Case Creator is a video-based case creation tool designed to provide teacher education faculty and students a way of... see more

This PBL-formatted case study about the claims and criticisms of "Intelligent Design" (ID) was written for freshman... see more

Case stock involving the financial accoutning process for a reverse stock split and stockholders' equity

In this excerpt from our first episode of the Sustainable Funding Vlogcast ( see more

A look at King Salman of Saudi Arabia in terms of transformational leadership characteristics. The content provided show... see more

What do you think of this resource? Please click to complete a quick survey. Download the supporting... see more

Gone are the days when teaching was confined between books, blackboard, chalk and duster. Interactions were minimal... see more

MOOC - making and open educational practices is a Global South Open Education Research study that examines the practices... see more

Many use the Internet to connect with online communities that embrace their hobbies, their professions, their passions... see more

We have been focusing on areas of improvement in our students' writing skills for a long time, but recently the 8th grade... see more

Students examine what their idea of a perfect society is and then create their own utopian society. The author is... see more

SENCER engages student interest in the sciences and mathematics by supporting the development of undergraduate courses... see more

Every teacher has to face some challenges, that his students able to understand his teaching how much & how quickly they... see more

joyful learning ideas for kids that are being adopted by the modern education system in India and abroad. Explaining a... see more

One of the best effective teaching methods is to encourage children to build enthusiasm and curiosity. Motivation comes... see more

On Episode 2 of the Sustainable Funding Vlogcast for Media, Educators, Technologists, and Creators, author of Animals of... see more

"Features" is the latest learning strategy adopted to increase the frequency of public schools. As part of this exercise,... see more

We participate in educational participation in the education system. We discuss student rules and the benefits that can... see more

Abstract — Cilj ovog istraživanja je bio zasnovan na analizi efekata primene daljinsko orijentisanih modela u edukaciji... see more