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25-48 of 404 results for: mathematics provides an outstanding, creative, entertaining, and educational model for teaching students and adults how to... see more

France Universite Numerique (FUN) is France's largest MOOC platform provider for MOOCs in French. Here you will find a... see more

(e) Science News uses a fully-automated, artificial intelligence program to sort the daily news you find on Yahoo, Bing,... see more

This video was recorded at MIT World Series: Technology Day 2009 The Mind's Eye. Visiting the San Diego Zoo's orangutans... see more

This video was recorded at MIT World Series: Applied Mathematics Colloquium. Dr. Sylvia Nasar, the author of "A Beautiful... see more

This online version of the earth system poster is based on the large Pathfinder dataset collected by NASA, NOAA and other... see more

The French Open Educational Resources (OER) Portal, containing 30,000+ high-quality OERs, 15,000+ videos, and French OER... see more

In this activity, developed by the Lane Community College MAPS GIS Program, students "use logical connectors in searching... see more

In this activity, learners compare the ways of life of Plains Native Americans who hunted and moved frequently to follow... see more

In this outdoor simulation game, learners search for pretend animals called "sticklers" to determine and map where they... see more

In this simulation, learners model two elephant seal populations and how they change over time. Learners start with cards... see more

Colored beads in a bag are used to represent different types of microbes, with the bag itself representing the ocean.... see more

MDPI (Multidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute) is an outstanding, academic, Open Access publisher with... see more

This website is for people involved in applied social research and evaluation. You'll find lots of resources and links to... see more

Dosage calculation and basic conversion is very important for nurses to know because a serious damage or even death can... see more

Science Stage is a free streaming video platform for business, research, and education to share their knowledge, ideas,... see more

FREE makes it easier to find teaching and learning resources from the federal government. There are teaching resources in... see more

This is an activity which will allow learners to gain an understanding of lemur behavior through observation and role... see more

This activity (on pages 35-43) lets learners analyze a "herd of elk" to detect the spread of a bacterial disease called... see more

In this outdoor activity and game, learners explore how animals adapt for survival through coloration, markings and... see more

In this online Flash game, learners will explore a coral reef using an underwater remotely operated vehicle (ROV). Faced... see more