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Various Animations and Simulations pertaining to the field of Physics.

Simulations that are fun to use in teaching to peek interest and help students learn concepts and principles in physics.

This java applet is an electronic circuit simulator. When the applet starts up you will see an animated schematic of a... see more

Our applet simulates hysteresis using a random-field ising model developed by Jim Sethna and his group. You can run our... see more

Simulates a gas in a box with variable volume. The walls and a "heater" can be set to different temperatures and the... see more

Animates a user selected combination of normal modes on a rectangular membrane with fixed or free boundaries. Will also... see more

Animates a user selected combination of normal modes in a rectangular box.

Animates the motion of a linear array of particles joined by springs. The use can adjust the number of particles, their... see more

A general purpose Fourier analysis/synthesis application with a graphical interface. In analysis mode, the user can... see more

Demonstrates waves on a loaded string--a very light (massless) string with a number of small masses attached to it at... see more

This is an authoring system (written in Java) that allows users to create their own simulations without writing Java... see more

A program to illustrate the appearance of fast moving objects due to special relativity. Effects modeled are: the Lorentz... see more

In the Leak Detection simulator, you will perform the vacuum testing ("outside-in") method of leak detection with a mass... see more

This applet provides virtual batteries along with AND, OR, NAND, NOR, NOT, EOR, ENOR gates, LED lights, push on, push... see more

This applet computes the thermodynamic properties of a system with fixed energy levels. The user can set the levels and... see more

Spins is an interactive computer program that simulates Stern–Gerlach measurements on spin ½ and spin 1 particles.

The SSS package consists of a set of 14 computer simulations and an accompanying guidebook, Simulations for Solid State... see more

Kirchhoff - Electric Circuits Simulator is an application developed with Macromedia Flash to create electric circuits... see more

Applet allows user to build his own circuit by selecting components from a menu.

A set of simulations exploring the basic properties and creation of both sound and electromagnetic waves.

An interactive applet, with many of the parameters user-defined.

In this activity, learners model the flow of energy from the sun as it enters a photovoltaic cell, moves along a wire and... see more

Applet and tutorial includes quiz, references, SPICE/CAD simulation, and worksheet.

This applet demonstrates various properties of vector fields. You can select from a number of vector fields and see how... see more