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Jane Goodall''s Roots & Shoots, the Jane Goodall Institute''s global environmental and humanitarian youth program, is a... see more

In this experiment, learners work in pairs to create two gloves -- one that contains a layer of shortening (blubber)... see more

An annotated, topical guide to science fiction novels and stories based on good astronomy and physics ideas. Find the... see more

In this introductory Excel tutorial (Activity I) students use Excel to explore the geodynamics model equation for ocean... see more

Students import ocean bathymetry data from text files, they then use Excel to graph these observations along with model... see more

This is a java application to simulate the magnetic striping that results from sea floor spreading combined with magnetic... see more

A sub-page of the Caribbean Conservation Corporation & Sea Turtle Survival League, this site includes information on how... see more

This site is a portion of a larger program in which users construct a world and the life that inhabits it. Marine botany... see more

In this demonstration, sheet cakes are used to show how tectonic forces create convergent, divergent and transform plate... see more

In this activity, learners model the flow of energy from the sun as it enters a photovoltaic cell, moves along a wire and... see more

This fun and simple hands-on astronomy activity demonstrates the shadow of the Earth as it rises as a dark blue shadow... see more

'The night sky in your palm Stars is a light application that displays the 88 constellations in the sky. Just touch the... see more

In this activity, learners use aluminum trays and wooden blocks to form stream tables to investigate river formations in... see more

This guided inquiry three-part activity engages learners in thinking about the mechanism of natural selection through... see more

This guided inquiry three-part activity engages learners in thinking about the mechanism of natural selection by... see more

This Education and Public Outreach website provides information on the NASA gamma-ray burst explorer mission, Swift. The... see more

According to theory of plate tectonics, Earth is an active planet -- its surface is composed of many individual plates... see more

This is an interactive website that provides descriptive information and data related to ten key climate indicators.... see more

Esta actividad ilustra cómo se utilizan las ondas sísmicas para determinar la magnitud de un terremoto y para localizar... see more

great pictures of specific mineral specimens, flame coloration tests and others.

This is a free, online textbook offered by According to the author, "This monograph (a preferable term here... see more

This journal article defines global warming, greenhouse effect, and climate change. It also provides critical thinking... see more

This narrated slide presentation shows the carbon cycle, looking at various parts of this biogeochemical sequence by... see more