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"An Introduction to Franchising is designed to introduce young people to the fascinating world of franchising. Many... see more

This webpage from Development Dimensions International, Inc. (DDI) offers links to a variety of articles on behavioral... see more

A free site that provides 312 pages of guidance and over 260 templates (each in MS Word and WordPerfect) for those who... see more

This is a transcript of a discussion by experts of Arthur Andersen's conviction of obstruction of justice on News Hour... see more

This site contains a listing of various methods, models and theories concerning organizations and change. Each of the... see more

This is a rich resource provided by the East Asian Curriculum Project (EACP) at Columbia University. Specifically geared... see more

This online workbook is designed to supplement and enliven standard textbook presentations of Japan. For this purpose,... see more

This website provides facts, figures and statistical data on geography, climate, people, religion, language and the... see more

This site contains the data sets related to some of the published articles and working papers on economic growth. Besides... see more

This URL is for the text, available online, of a book published by the National Research Council--the same folks who... see more

This site, sponsored by the Center for Strategic and International Health demonstrates how globalization influences... see more

This is a simple glossary of words that are used in the microeconomics classroom.

The group contract provides a structure for students to specify contact information, preferred methods of communication,... see more

This is a website designed to assist marketing students develop and use a new product sales and profit forecast using the... see more

The HRM Guide Network offers a huge number of entirely free pages of HR-related content and links.

Series of articles on Knowledge Management based on some of the best books on the subject

The newsletter link in Leadership Crossroads website offers a wide array of information and articles regarding conducting... see more

Self-Coaching complete e-book with dozens of proven techniques in life-improvement. Based on a research that a higher EI... see more

This is a comprehensive approach to formal strategic planning for a large government agency. By working through the guide... see more

Lots of good information about deveoping, using and interpreting percptual maps for marketing. The website also contains... see more

This video walks through the calculations of the FIFO (First In First Out) Inventory Valuation Method. This inventory... see more

This website provides statistics, data and long-term trends compiled by the mass media industry, a glossary of PSA... see more

This is a website that provides simple information on China. The topics include: Introduction, Instructions, Places,... see more