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This learning activity from the Advanced Technology Environmental and Energy Center (ATEEC) provides students with the... see more

This lesson plan comes from EDSITEment, an educational Web site from the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) and the... see more

This set of two Arduino assignments for Principles of Physics II includes an introductory assignment in exploring the... see more

This learning activity from The Mechatronics Education Center's Project SHINE develops student understanding of what is... see more

Presented through Arizona State University's Ask A Biologist, these biology experiments are designed for students to do... see more

Patrons examine how the invention of "bots" on social media websites can influence public opinion, and then invent their... see more

An excellent bone tissue review in A/P

A very nice review/homework over chapter 11 (muscular tissue) that deals with the microscopic anatomy and physiology of... see more

This module is designed to illustrate the effects of selection bias on the observed relationship between premarital... see more

A chart comparing species of humanoids

This is a very basic schedule for what I wish to cover in my first week of class. It has links for my google calendar and... see more

This is a lesson to be used as a student-directed practice on context clues. The websites... see more

Revenue, as an account in the set of books of a company, follow a standard logical set of rules. This video walks through... see more

This module is designed to illustrate differences in family and household composition patterns for different groups based... see more

This lab allows students to observe that enzymes are proteins that catalyze biochemical reactions without altering the... see more

Millennial Generation: Better Educated, More Confident and Altruistic

This is a brief lesson about how to safely incorporate aspects of social networking into an exisiting flow of lessons.... see more

This is the lesson plan for my STAIR project for CEP 811 at MSU. It is the plan to teach grade 5 how to use Google... see more

Students will estimate the impact of HIV/AIDS on world populations. They will look at adult and child case numbers as... see more

Linking Cognitive Load Theory with Merrill's First Principles of Instruction in a 21st Century Instructional Design... see more

This resource provides guidance on site selection for the GLOBE Atmosphere data collection protocols. Instructions for... see more

This is an introductory lesson to graphs of motion for high school conceptual physics. It is designed as a first-day... see more

A lesson plan introducing primary and secondary colors to lower elementary art students using the book Mouse Paint by... see more

Using the first 30 minutes of the film Jurassic Park, the student will audit it for violations of safety rules and... see more