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In this lesson, students will work in groups of two or three to read an article about one of the major human body parts.... see more

This is an interactive website about the brain and human behavior

This animation shows how hemoglonin is broken down and then ingested by macrophages. 

This site is a text presentation of the Yale University School of Medicine Heart Book. It contains seven parts plus an... see more

A website dedicated to educating students on the structure and functions of the heart. Also includes suggestions for... see more

The website labels and describes areas in the body that contain lymphatic vessels. It also explains how the lymphatic... see more

This exercise gives students the opportunity to label the major body cavities of a human body. There is a human diagram... see more

This assignment received an honorable mention in the 2014 SoftChalk Lesson Challenge  'This assignment contains chapter... see more

This animation explains the source of the electrical impulse in a neuron. Learn about how action potential stimulates... see more

An interactive "enchanted book," this learning object designed to accompany the "Power of Poison" exhibit in the Natural... see more

This resource explains the roles of lysosomes. The animation shows how their hydrolytic enzymes break down proteins,... see more

The Secret in the Cellar webcomic is a forensic science mystery based closely on the case of the Leavy Neck boy, a... see more

This website displays an introduction to the skeletal system. It consists of descriptions of bones, cartilage, ligaments,... see more

This case study will help students understand the intricacies of the human nervous system. The lesson will explain nerve... see more

This website from the University of Leeds is part of a larger Histology Guide. It includes tutorials about each of the... see more

This film examines traumatic injuries and biological organisms that affect the eye. This instructional film is from... see more

A video presentation of the myotatic reflex.  The author is engaging as he sings, dances and demonstrates the myotatic... see more

'Visual Anatomy Free version is an interactive reference, and education tool. The free version contains 13... see more

'Interactive anatomy reference with Gray's anatomy images add-on, a muscle highlighting tool and full description!... see more

Visuals Unlimited (VU) began in the 1960's while Dr. Cunningham was writing, editing, and doing research for several of... see more

This website is an illustrated introductory study-guide for human histology, intended for first-year medical students,... see more

Neural net is an artificial representation of the human brain that tries to simulate its learning process.  The term... see more

Students will interact with a brain model and apply the major areas of the brain to the locations within their own head.

This is a 3-D animation model of the human bdy