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e-Portfolio for VR immersion to a Kinesiology course by Tumay Tunur

Final Project for UNM EDUC 453, detailing my synthesis of research and practical applications of using inquiry-based... see more

Using Learning Analytics to Assess and Improve Student Success in Redesigned Calculus

Here I tested home-made lab kits and virtual labs from a company called Labster for my GOB Chemistry course.

This ePortfolio showcases our redesign of a first year composition course. We redesigned English 105 to implement... see more

Walmart (Wal-Mart Stores Inc.) is an American retail firm with a chain of hypermarkets and shops all around the world. It... see more

Here's my definition of instructional design plus examples of common tasks.

Instructional designers use a variety of methods to identify performance, skill, knowledge and attitude gaps of a... see more

SAP SE is one of the world's largest enterprise software vendors. This definition explains what SAP ERP is, lists SAP's... see more

An author's Snapshot for White Hole, Black Whole, and The Book for the material found in MERLOT at... see more

People who are deaf or hard of hearing use a variety of ways to communicate. Some rely on sign language interpreters or... see more

In a rapidly changing environment, the generalist instructional designer needs to develop an impressive list of skills.

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