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A Problem Course in Mathematical Logic is intended to serve as the text for an introduction to mathematical logic for... see more

PC-based software and interactive tutorial to learn how to write mathematical proofs. Makes use of innovative... see more

A particle moves randomly in 2D, and leaves a particle when it touches the central aggregation complex.

"These are lecture notes for a course in game theory which the author taught at the University of Kaiserslautern. Game... see more

In an effort to explore new ways of improving mathematics education in middle and high schools, the Council of Chief... see more

This volume shares and discusses significant new trends and developments in research and practices related to various... see more

The mathematical universe discussed here gives models of possible structures our physical universe can have.

Calculus students are presented with a write-pair-share activity that initially involves the construction of a model... see more

This site contains methods and exact solutions for a multitude of mathematical equations, including algebraic,... see more

This is a comprehensive site designed to help teachers and parents support children in their mathematics learning. The... see more

Throw darts at a circle, get the ratio inside to outside circle, and estimate pi.

We will discuss numerous research problems that are related to the internet. Sample topics include: routing algorithms... see more

What is ethno-mathematics? The term describes the mathematical practices of identifiable cultural groups. This website... see more

Demonstrates how a simple (no leak) solution can be adapted to solve more complex problems in which there is a bottom... see more

This is a great site that includes everything including information on the standards, lesson plans, interactive... see more

Demonstrates through object manipulation that proportional reasoning applies to perimeter but does not apply to areas and... see more

Includes problems in which one person catches another by traveling at a constant speed or a constant acceleration.... see more

Uses average speed as an example of a weighted average problem. Multiple representations illustrate the constraint that... see more

Illustrates how the same equation applies across a variety of problems that differ in story content. Shows different... see more

Emphasizes the distinction between simple and compound interest as examples of linear and exponential growth. Application... see more

Presents two concepts that are fundamental to calculus (area under a curve and a tangent to a curve) within a scientific... see more

Requires estimating and adjusting parameters to improve goodness-of-fit of linear and exponential models of population... see more

This video was recorded at Alan Turing Centenary Conference Manchester, 2012. Following Alan Turing's ground-breaking... see more