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Our previous work has shown that experimentation with virtual manipulatives supports studentsÔøΩ conceptual learning... see more

The PhET project at the University of Colorado creates "fun, interactive, research-based simulations of physical... see more

Learn how to make waves of all different shapes by adding up sines or cosines. Make waves in space and time and measure... see more

How did Rutherford figure out the structure of the atomic nucleus without looking at it? Simulate the famous experiment... see more

This java application simulation shows the force (applied, frictional, and total), position, velocity, and acceleration... see more

This class introduces elementary programming concepts including variable types, data structures, and flow control. After... see more

Systems Engineering is an interdisciplinary approach and means to enable the realization of successful systems. It... see more

This course introduces students to methods and background needed for the conceptual design of continuously operating... see more

This course was created for the "product development" track of MIT's System Design and Management Program (SDM) in... see more

The Tic Tac Toe ABGs was developed by QSEN to guide nusing students in interpreting and minimizing risks associated with... see more

This course will assess the relationships among sequence, structure, and function in complex biological networks as well... see more

This course provides an introduction to the study of environmental phenomena that exhibit both organized structure and... see more

This subject describes and illustrates computational approaches to solving problems in systems biology. A series of... see more

This course uses computer-based methods for the analysis of large-scale structural systems. Topics covered include:... see more

The ability to quantify the uncertainty in our models of nature is fundamental to many inference problems in Science and... see more

Communication Systems Projects with LabVIEW features ten project activities in digital communication systems based on the... see more

The Fragg Virus is a learning module centered learning the importance of systems; it is a part of the Kinetic... see more

The Quantum key distribution with entangled spin ½ particles simulation aims to help students understand the generation... see more

The Bloch sphere representation of quantum states for a spin 1/2 particlesimulation aims to help students make... see more

The Expectation value of an operator simulation aims to help students make connections between experimental measurement... see more

A simulation of masses hung from a scale including gravity. Virtual lab tools, including a ruler and a stopwatch can be... see more

This is an interactive activity for middle school on the fundamentals of waves, adapted from the University of Utah's... see more

The Superposition states and mixed states simulation allows students to use a Stern-Gerlach apparatus that can be... see more

In this outdoor simulation game, learners search for pretend animals called "sticklers" to determine and map where they... see more