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A comprehensive tutorial on the design of 2nd generation, static web sites.

This website is a staple for school librarians and/or reading teachers. It provides several articles about literacy and... see more

The Macaulay Library archive, world’s largest archive of animal sounds, has an extensive organized and documented... see more

In this Multimedia Education Resource for Learning and Online Teaching students can find tutorials, animations, open... see more

This lesson plan was created as a way to introduce the MYP Design Cycle to a group of MYP Year 2 and 3 students (7th and... see more

The Office for Intellectual Freedom is charged with implementing ALA policies concerning the concept of intellectual... see more

The Open Data Handbook contains guides, case studies, and resources for governments & civil society on the "what, why, &... see more

PRIMO, a committee of the ACRL Instruction Section, promotes and shares peer-reviewed instructional materials created by... see more

Based of the Bedford and St. Martin's book, site presents information on how to properly document your sources for... see more

This webliography of sources about research and information literacy assignments focuses on the role that librarians can... see more

Explains the difference between information gathering, secondary research, and primary research

This site explains what a database is (in very general terms), discusses the basic principles of searching a database,... see more

This online tutorial consists of 4 modules that teaches one how to conduct a test search strategy; the context is health... see more

SmarterMeasure is the premier solution for identifying levels of student readiness for online learning. Institutions use... see more

This blog entry details lessons to help students avoid plagiarizing.

ENIAC ? The First Digital Computer ? circa 1940?s

This study compares the academic outcome measures, retention, GPA and hours earned, of students who received library... see more

An interactive, web-based tutorial created for learning the basics for searching in Expanded Academic ASAP. The tutorial... see more

UNESCO’s mission is to engender media and information literate societies through a comprehensive strategy which include... see more

This is a lesson plan to teach elementary students how to use search engines for finding research material online.... see more

This web-poster session demonstrates how Angelo & Cross' Classroom Assessment Techniques (CATs) can be adapted and used... see more

This site provides articles and resources for designing web pages.

This site provides a check list with a point system to rate websites. This is based on a type of usability testing called... see more

Discussion about censorship issues by the American Civil Liberties Union