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The American Journal of Nursing is the oldest and most honored broad-based nursing journal in the world. Peer reviewed... see more

*Subscribe for more great NCLEX videos: AKI occurs when kidneys suddenly lose their ability to... see more

Information from the American Academy of Ambulatory Care Nursing about the Ambulatory Care Nurse Certification Exam.

AACN, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit association, is more than the world’s largest specialty nursing organization – we are an... see more

Evidence-Based Practice: Step by Step: Igniting a Spirit of Inquiry Podcast of Maureen “Shawn” Kennedy, MA, RN,... see more

The education material for healthcare professionals about the culture of safety in patient care.

Our resource materials have been designed to help nurse educators inspire the next generation of health care... see more

This article showcases interviews and explains the steps taken to improve nursing education and reduce the nursing... see more

This anatomy resource guide for nursing students includes links to various websites that include interactive diagrams,... see more

Listen to Art of Emergency Nursing episodes free, on demand. The art of emergency nursing is a podcast dedicated to the... see more

Fun and entertaining video explaining arterial blood gases (ABGs). Learn or review ABGs. Useful resource for nurses and... see more

This material breaks down the assessment of a pediatric patient. It is a visual guide and helps to tell you what is... see more

This systematic review and meta-analysis examines the association between breastfeeding and maternal risk of diabetes and... see more

The Association of periOperative Registered Nurses' (AORN) clinical resources are learning modules, webinars, AORN... see more

This website is beneficial to those interested in Labor and Delivery, postpartum, antepartum nursing. Student nurses can... see more

In this video, the definition of assumptions and the connection to evidence-based practice in nursing is introduced. The... see more

Guide for lung auscultation and types of lung sounds

Auscultation of the respiratory system to distinguish normal respiratory sounds from abnormal ones for example crackles,... see more

Point of care testing in the ED is an extremely effective and rapid initial diagnosis tool for a working diagnosis. At... see more

Youtube video that helps become familiar with transfusion reactions. As nurses, we are the first line of defense to... see more

This website provides learning resources and quizzes to prepare individuals for their BLS certification. It also provides... see more