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This site contains lecture notes that are part of course on Terrorism. The author explains the different forms and then... see more

Thist site provides some hints on collecting finger print evidence from both porous and non-porous surfaces.

This annual publication provides information about the officers who were killed, feloniously or accidentally and those... see more

LawArXiv is a free, open access, preprint service for Law whose mission is to empower the scholarly legal community and... see more

This site is a section of lecture notes for an introductory course in criminal justices. These notes pertain to the laws... see more

This site presents a general explanation of finger print identification using the scientific process.

This hour-long show looks at the lives of inmates and their families, from a call-in radio show for prisoners and their... see more

This 96-page Special Report provides medical examiners/coroners with guidelines for preparing the portion of the disaster... see more

Digital currencies provide an ideal money laundering instrument because they facilitate international payments without... see more

From the site: "A division of the Feminist Majority Foundation, the National Center for Women & Policing (NCWP) promotes... see more

This site, by the FBI, details the Brady Act Requirements, the NICS background checks, privacy and security sections,... see more

The National Institute for Law and Justice Education was founded specifically to serve the research and higher education... see more

This assessment focuses primarily on domestic diversion of controlled prescription drugs (CPDs). It examines current... see more

Developed by the National Youth Court Center, the National Youth Court Guidelines are designed to give youth courts... see more

This site has all the information about the New York State Police. It has a lot of statistics which make this site semi... see more

Discusses sexual assualt in the United States prison system.

This site contains lecture notes that are part of survey course of constitutional law emphasizing civil rights and... see more

This paper presents a background of pedestrian accident reconstruction, a limited summary of the work available in the... see more

This is an important national study of police officer attitudes and perceptions about abuse of authority. The findings... see more

This document contains the most comprehensive data on citizens shot and killed by police and police feloniously killed by... see more

This site contains lecture notes that are part of an introductory criminal justice course. This section deals with prison... see more

This site, sponsored by AFSCME, provides links to a number of resources on prison privatization. There are a variety of... see more

On September 4, 2003, President Bush signed the first-ever federal law to address the problem of rape and sexual abuse... see more

This site contains summary statistics on prisoners in the Federal and State prisons. There are also links to other sites... see more