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This is the annual report on the productivity of the 23 Editorial Boards of MERLOT. It measures the contributions of each... see more

This course examines one of the most enduring and influential forms of identity and experience in the Americas and... see more

This course explores contemporary American theatrical expression as it may be organized around issues of gender and... see more

This firm presents educators worldwide with a clearinghouse of lesson possibilities. They do offer professional... see more

In this era of globalization, many of us have multi- or bi-cultural, multilingual or bilingual backgrounds, and even if... see more

'In February and March, 2008, The eLearning Guild conducted a survey of its members, asking for their favorite tips for... see more

' iPad use in formal learning environments, by all accounts, is soaring. Due to the almost magical ways it promotes... see more

The Two Micron All Sky Survey at IPAC website provides an image gallery of the solar system's objects, Jupiter's moons, H... see more

'This FREE Digital Book is an incredible collection of tips from hundreds of your professional colleagues. Why reinvent... see more

'This FREE Digital Book is an amazing collection of tips from hundreds of your professional colleagues. Nowhere will you... see more

'This free eBook is an awesome collection of tips from hundreds of your professional colleagues. These tips will help you... see more

This is a guide to the new features of Prezi. A new way to make presentations more fun. "Prezi is a cloud-based... see more

This course explores the reciprocal relationships among design, science, and technology by covering a wide range of... see more

'The cloud has tremendous potential in the eLearning world, but there are so many choices; a little guidance can go a... see more

This article from the Chronicle explains the experience of Northwest Missouri State University with electronic textbooks.... see more

'This eBook on maximizing your e-Learning development budget demonstrates the ingenuity of our industry and our... see more

'The MASIE Center collected over 1000 eLearning tips from readers and consortium members, and then compiled the best... see more

' Many organizations expect eLearning designers and developers to be experts in multiple forms of media, including... see more

'In this complimentary eBook, eLearning Guild members reveal imaginative ways to cut eLearning costs, and share insights... see more

'This FREE Digital Book, 834 Tips for Successful Online Instruction is an amazing collection of tips from 336 of your... see more

'Thinking broadly, leveraging our resources and cultivating strong networks make sound business sense. Fortunately many... see more

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מצגת של מחב"א על עיצוב מחדש של רשת

วารสารสำนักวิทยบริการ มหาวิทยาลัยสงขลานครินร์ ในช่วงแรกรวมรวมบทความทางด้านเทคโนโลยีทางการศึกษาและห้องสมุด... see more