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'The National Geographic World Atlas brings you the highest resolution map images available, delivering the stunning... see more

This page from the GeoTech Center features a report from the National Geospatial Advisory Committee subcommittee on... see more

With the explicit mission of saving lives and improving economic efficiency by issuing the best watches, warnings,... see more

This report outlines the key elements of a comprehensive and effective national strategy for reducing losses from... see more

Award information and nomination form for NMEA awards: Outstanding Teacher Award, James Centorino Award (non-traditional... see more

The Sanctuary Integrated Monitoring Network, also known as SiMoN, has launched a new photo database containing 1,200... see more

This site offers information and hands-on activities in ocean, watershed, technology and marine careers topics; for... see more

This site offers regional and topical training workshops for teachers, as well as hands-on programs for classrooms, with... see more

This tutorial provides an overview of some of the major factors that cause coastal and open ocean currents. Topics... see more

Established by the National Oceans and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) in 1982 as an information and referral center... see more

The Nationwide Rivers Inventory (NRI) is a listing of more than 3,400 free-flowing river segments in the United States... see more

משימת חקר בשפה האנגלית. התלמידים יתפקדו כחוקרי טבע בנשיונל ג'אוגרפיק ויחקרו אסונות טבע: יבחרו מדינה ויאתרו את אסונות הטבע... see more

The purpose of this text is to promote understanding of the Geographic Information Science and Technology enterprise... see more

A thorough site covering all that is diving. Access information on NAUI services for wherever your travels take you. Site... see more

This video was recorded at Predstavitev izjemnih znanstvenih dosežkov 2011 / Presentations of exceptional scientific... see more

Examine the relationships between volcanic events and the chemistry and biology of hydrothermal vents on the undersea... see more

NeMO studies the dynamic interactions between submarine volcanic activity and seafloor hotsprings at an observatory... see more

A one-stop resource for information on most, if not all, environmental/marine science disciplines. Site features... see more

This site provides access to historical daily weather maps from 1871 thru 2001. A link is provided for maps from 2002 to... see more

NOAA Commissioned Corps Officers are an integral part of NOAA. Officers can be found operating one of NOAA's 18 ships or... see more

This site defines El Nino/Southern Oscillation and La Nina, provides a glossary, and presents real-time data of sea... see more

Map of NOAA's various research laboratories across the United States. Click on each acronym to explore the 15 different... see more

An extensive collection of profiles, stories, and pictures documenting 200 years of the National Oceanic & Atmospheric... see more

Follow ocean explorations in near real-time, learn about ocean exploration technologies, observe remote marine flora and... see more