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This document presents the information needed to run a short lesson (about 12 min.) on the functions of the Amazon Prime... see more

This resource is a group lesson plan that outlines the live walk-through via screen sharing – approximately 12-13 minutes... see more

This study examines the connection between student academic success and information literacy instruction. Focus groups... see more

Yelp! is an online location-based organizing system primarily used for searching for and reviewing businesses and... see more

This is a slideshow for a workshop analyzing the online search and review service, Yelp!, as an organizing system. It... see more

Steam a video game platform that functions as a social media platform, game store, game developing site, and software... see more

People generally agree that Steve Jobs does great presentations and the PowerPoint package that accompanies many text... see more

This tutorial teaches students how to differentiate among trade, scholarly, and popular periodicals. It should take 15-20... see more