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Reflections On the Rise of the Islamic State & The Far Right

According to a reviewer, ' We want to present a really special application, a tool that helps the disabled communicate... see more

Drawing box is a creative and versatile drawing and painting app. The design and layout of this art is exceptional.

Goal of the lab is to illustrate one of many calcium concentration detection techniques. Ca-ion selective electrode gives... see more

The Virtual Library for African Studies maintained by Columbia University Library provides you with the best internet... see more

A brief listing of software, applications, books, and other resources that are useful for creating visual summaries.

This video was recorded at Workshop on Analytics on Video-based Learning (WAVe), Leuven 2013. The Workshop aims to be an... see more

The VECAP association is committed to advancing and improving the fields of vocational evaluation and career assessment... see more

This is a video intended to facilitate better appreciating of the value of one's authentic voice. The purpose of this is... see more

Un voki sobre un resumen sobre soluciones de inventario.

Este informe describe la situación de un proceso de aplicación de pintura electrostática, donde se encuentra una... see more

Este voki, les dara a conocer sobre la introduccion, de nuestro proyecto.

Voxer saves time. Phone calls and texting are time consuming and inefficient. With Voxer just push a button, talk and... see more

'A simple and user friendly calculator that makes Chemistry a whole lot easier. - displays periodic table - tap elements... see more

This video was recorded at Novi trendi v informiranju in svetovanju za mlade pred izbiro srednje šole. Kot svetovalci v... see more

Vyclone is a social video platform that lets you co-create, sync and edit multiple views of a shared moment,... see more

This video was recorded at TEDxLjubljana Pomlad 2009. Profesor Boris Pavliha uči zgodovino na gimnaziji Ledina, je avtor... see more

'Easy access to info about chemicals, elements and fundamental constants, as well as calculations for preparing... see more

This web site shows how Web accessibility depends on several components of Web development and interaction working... see more

This website contains free educational videos. It is a great site for teaching and learning

Water Screen is a discrepant event, or short experiment, that demonstrates the properties of cohesion and surface... see more

2nd grade water treatment course done in myUdutu. All text is linked to audio for the younger students. 1. Students will... see more

This is a Stand Alone Instructional Resource on the topic of waves for 7th grade science. This resource is intended to be... see more