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This seminar provides an introduction to scholarship in a growing research community: the sociologists and... see more

The first two weeks of this course are an overview of performing improvisation with introductory and advanced exercises... see more

This five-day interactive and experiential workshop focuses on how leaders lead innovations that both promote social... see more

Practical Leadership is an interactive seminar where students receive repeated coaching and real-time feedback on their... see more

In this class you will be creating a leadership development tool for students like yourselves in the leadership program... see more

Many books and thousands of papers cover the field of system dynamics. With all of these resources available, it can be... see more

While no businesses succeed based on their architecture or space design, many fail as a result of inattention to the... see more

How can we translate real-world challenges into future business opportunities? How can individuals, organizations, and... see more

Cross Cultural Leadership is a collaborative research seminar that examines what constitutes "effective" leadership... see more

This is a course in how corporations make use of the insights and tools of risk management. Most courses on derivatives,... see more

This class introduces the concepts of system safety and how to analyze and design safer systems. Topics include the... see more

This class addresses some of the important issues involved with the planning, development, and implementation of lean... see more

This course focuses on evolution of contemporary politics and economics. The subject is divided into four parts: Context:... see more

This graduate class is designed as a Ph.D.-level overview of international political economy (IPE), with an emphasis on... see more

This course focuses on cyberspace and its implications for private and public, sub-national, national, and international... see more

This half-semester course studies the economics of the principal markets related to marine transportation, environment,... see more

We use the WWW for so many things today--information, communication, collaboration. This little booklet, by the Google... see more

Midterm examination for a class at MIT covering game theory and its applications to economics. The... see more

This video was recorded at 1st Roadmapping Workshop "Semantics 2029", Vienna 2008. The focus of this first workshop will... see more

This video was recorded at 14th International Conference on Concurrent Enterprising (ICE), Lisbon 2008. This year, we are... see more

This subject examines the paradoxes of contemporary globalization. Through lectures, discussions and student... see more

This video was recorded at EFMD Meeting for Deans & Directors General, Milano 2009. To identify the key developments in... see more

Alan Collins, former VP of Human Resources of PepsiCo has written a ground-breaking book for HR professionals. His work... see more

Do you want to think about ways to help solve New Orleans' problems? CityScope is a project-based introduction to the... see more