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This video was recorded at Solomon seminar. This talk presents recent advances in data mining, focusing on subgroup... see more

The subiculum is the main output region of the hippocampus and is important to learning and memory. It plays a role in... see more

A one-stop-shop that addresses the submerged aquatic vegetation (SAV) habitat requirements, current research,... see more

In this physical sciences activity, learners use science to solve a "crime." Learners collect trace evidence (glitter)... see more

Using a computer model of a bouncing ball, students are introduced to the idea of computer modeling, its limitations, and... see more

This site describes cohesive forces and their role in surface tension as well as the relationship between them is... see more

This interactive map allows the user to explore projected alterations of land surfaces in coastal communities, based on... see more

I’m concerned about cutting UK emissions of twaddle – twaddle about sustainable energy. Everyone says getting off fossil... see more

In this activity, learners investigate the food, water, and space needs of common livestock animals. Using math and... see more

In this (edible) activity, learners balance chemical equations using different kinds and colors of candy that represent... see more

Free and complete software providing experience with neurophysiological phenomena and mechanisms of motor pattern... see more

In this outdoor activity, learners review the parts of the synapse and their functions by playing a game. The object of... see more

This video was recorded at Thematic International Conference on Bio-, Nano- and Space Technologies, EU & Science Centers... see more

Tabletop Whale is a site containing original science charts, infographics and illustrations.

This online lesson plan was designed for students taking part in the active research project to document the distribution... see more

In this activity about neuron/target muscle recognition (page 44 of the PDF), learners arranged in two rows facing away... see more

Learners observe a demonstration of the metabolism of yeast--after being placed in a sealed bag with water and sugar, the... see more

Containing over 700 vibrant, full-colour images, TeachMeAnatomy is a comprehensive anatomy encyclopedia presented in a... see more

This AAPT/PTRA manual contains background references and activities to help teachers and students with the many concepts... see more

En este objeto de aprendizaje se estudian los distintos tipos de tejidos glandulares del ser humano

This interactive map allows students to experiment with decadal average temperature projections. Overall temperatures are... see more

In this activity, by the Concord Consortium's Molecular Literacy project, students learn that "it is difficult, if not... see more