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This is a great virtual story activity for the primary grades. It has useful information about how NASA gets the shuttle... see more

Scroll down to find video and click "Watch Now." Learn about those intriguing asteroids and comets, and how JPL... see more

"This NASA video segment briefly explores how the development of the Hyper-X experimental airplane will impact the future... see more

This collection of activities will allow you to journey with your students to these distant explosions, by following... see more

Students will observe visible spectra of known elements and identify an unknown element or combination of elements by... see more

Students will read and write about the chemistry and spectroscopy of stars and supernova remnants, as well as understand... see more

At this site students will apply the knowledge of plotting data and obtaining a slope using a log-log coordinate system.... see more

This lesson examines the idea of periodic behavior and how it is determined from a set of data. The students will examine... see more

This lesson was written in accordance with the National Teacher Training Institute (NTTI) format, which focuses on the... see more

Teaching mathematics within a science framework can be both the motivating and the informative keys to delivering a... see more

The lesson at this site provides an investigation into the binary number system. May be advanced for some... see more

At this site, students will discuss the differences between radius and mass among a provided list of stars/data.

At this lesson plan site, students will discover and verify the relationship between wavelength and frequency of the... see more

Welcome to the MY NASA DATA website. Our team is dedicated to making NASA Earth Science data easily accessible to the... see more

Solid place for a lot of data. Use this for statistics lessons in grade 6 (mean, median, mode).

There is a huge amount of online material here. Use it for anything space science based or for reading material for your... see more

The Planetary Geology and Geophysics Program co-sponsors an international system of regional planetary image facilities... see more

The Radio JOVE project is a hands-on inquiry-based educational project that allows students, teachers and the general... see more

Apollo 14 launched in the late afternoon of January 31, 1971 on what was to be our third trip to the lunar surface. Five... see more

The vastness of the solar system offers a unique lesson in large numbers and in scale. THE SCHOOLYARD SOLAR SYSTEM was... see more

This is an older website from Nasa Quest. However, it still offers a nice set of lessons for math through 5th grade. The... see more

Help the Stardust spacecraft capture comet dust and bring it back to Earth! Test your comet IQ and help Stardust capture... see more

Stroll through the Universe with this one. Very interactive!