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The Kindersite Project is a global project to: 1. Introduce technology to very young children 2. Introduce English as a... see more

Links to online TEFL/TESL resources. Interactive tests and quizzes, writing and speaking activities.

At the TEFL Pitstop,language teachers can print ready-to-use games and learning materials, perfect for ESL and adaptable... see more

Courses, grammar exercises, word jumbles, games, jokes, email, recommended books and links, clipart, forums, chats, job... see more

Video from TEDx Talks YOUTUBE channel with comprehension questions and Hebrew subtitles, intended as a learning object... see more

VTrain is a flashcard-based tool used in 20+ universities. Its unique spaced learning system guarantees you will remember... see more

Extract from a job application. Applicants are asked to describe relevant qualification, skills and experience and... see more

Blog muy completo dedicado al estudio de la lengua inglesa. Además, compila diversas páginas web relacionadas con la... see more

We use an explorer Webquest for teaching English as Second Language in Middle school. Used to do a comic strip working by... see more

ESL worksheets and vocabulary lessons for intermediate and advanced levels. Exercises on idioms, phrasal verbs and... see more

Rather formidable website that includes ESL based forums, resources, tools, and even an online store!

This site contains 24 on-line dictionaries into English.

This links to a publicly viewable google document of a lesson plan for having EFL college students in Japan start a group... see more

This project is collecting Lullabies in the original European languages, with their translations for families, schools... see more

A website for Spanish speakers about learning & teaching English. Also of interest for webmasters and creators of... see more

Snapshot: Prepositions of Placement Building Project

To complete the course ECUR 415.3: Current Issues in EAL, students are required to submit a final paper that reflects... see more

This is a YouTube presentation on YouTube that provides information for teaching pronunciation in an ESL class. There are... see more

A valuable site for ESL/EFL professionals and students. It is a kaleidoscope for ESL/EFL teaching and learning. It has... see more

Creating a new generation of EFL teachers with Teflomatic= Web2.0+Creativity+TEFL. Good for new and practicing teachers... see more

Partner Only Material

TESOL Planner is a website that provides free content for ESL instructors. There are quality lessons, slides, handouts,... see more

This is an article making a somewhat detailed description of Accelerated Integrated Method (AIM) proposed and practiced... see more

Indexes of TEFL resources, online articles, journals, and journal search engines.

This site provides information competence materials for ESL /EFL teachers, students, teacher educators and researchers.