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'Many of us are poor listeners. We forget 75% of what we do hear within two months. We forget between a third and a half... see more

Original articles written by life coaches (UK) with new articles added monthly.

The "Values Card Sort" is an free online test that provides a quick and easy way to clarify what you want in a career.... see more

This e-book on the topic of Cognitive Behavioural Coaching for Anger at Work will provide you with step by step... see more

This book debunks the perceived mysteries and complexities of creativity and problem solving. Most people challenged to... see more

Not many people like to deal with conflict, do you? Perhaps it’s the difference of opinion or if someone is getting... see more

This Power Point document from the Florida Advanced Technological Education (FL-ATE) Center may be printed out for... see more

'Master essential study & learning strategies for ultimate exam success! This study skills book covers; how and why you... see more

This resource from the Florida Advanced Technological Education (FL-ATE) Center will help students develop their... see more

'When we see people being authentically themselves we call it things like “individuality” and “charisma” - yet how can we... see more

Foundations of Academic Success: Words of Wisdom (FAS: WoW) introduces you to the various aspects of student and academic... see more

This textbook offered by BookBoon for a 30 day free trial or puchase the e-book for $5.99. "‘Goal Setting for Success’ is... see more

This eBook explains how to develop your personal and social competencies using the reflective cycle technique. This... see more

This is the 3rd of the 3-volume practical book on managing and improving Workplace Wellness by applying ancient Greek... see more

'Almost everyone is guilty of an element of procrastination. Sometimes it is easier to focus on easy straightforward... see more

We cannot manage time, we can only manage ourselves and our relationship with time. Do you sometimes wish you weren’t... see more

iChoose2 helps you start the process of getting clarity with your career choices. What does this means? Clarity is great... see more

Why does time seem to pass more quickly as you get older? Is there a way of slowing down the perceived passage of time?... see more

This eBook describes the various types of interview question that you can expect to be asked and gives you detailed... see more

Lifelong learning (LLL) is learning from cradle to grave. Learning is the most basic of all human drives. It starts... see more

This is a free textbook offered by BookBoon. Our brains do not have an unlimited amount of energy to process information... see more

This is a free textbook offered by BookBoon. The truth behind authentic assertion finally revealed! This second book of... see more

This is a free book from BookBoon. Do you want to become more successful, and have better, healthy relationships with... see more