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This website, which contains the material of the course VA312, taught at Sabanci University, Istanbul, Turkey; attempts... see more

Why does your iPhone cost $200.00? Why is the price of gas so volatile? What gives Uber the right to enact “surge... see more

Learn how to create a NumPy ARRAY, use broadcasting, ACCESS VALUES, manipulate arrays, and much more in this PYTHON NUMPY... see more

Learn the basics of research methodologies through videos culled by a research professor.

Learn to use version control, an important tool for any developer. The course will focus on Git, a specific version... see more

Android Developer Fundamentals (V2) is an instructor-led course created by the Google Developers Training team. In this... see more

This is an introductory-level course in supervised learning, with a focus on regression and classification methods. The... see more

AI4All Open Learning Platform (Launching 2019) is a free, accessible, online AI curriculum meant for understanding how AI... see more

This module discusses the management and supervision skills that teachers need in order to become professionally... see more

This module provides information on curriculum concepts, issues and process at various levels of education. It provides... see more

This is a non-profit organization that provides training and support tailored to the needs of teachers and students. The... see more

Use this study guide to reinforce what you need to know about ESL, such as instructional strategies, assessment methods... see more

Project Description The Financial Accounting Learning Objects is a series of self-paced digital resources developed for... see more

This module introduces the basic concepts and techniques of neural computation, and its relation to automated learning in... see more

This 9-unit online tutorial focuses on the key skill of information: to develop your critical awareness and competence in... see more

Learning Circuits is a free web resource to learn about the basics of electricity and circuits. Designed for children... see more

Workshop outline for middle school teachers' professional development; topic is learning about technology, and... see more

This module aims at equipping students with the knowledge and skills to carry out technicaland design activities relating... see more

ESOL Reading Short Story Workbooks including supplemental materials.

This course addresses several fundamental Neuroscience issues from an Engineering viewpoint: How the brain works from... see more

Comparisons of educational systems thus provide a basis for assessing the suitability of current practices. This module... see more

Introduction to hip pathologies, associated impairments, and limitations in the context of physical therapist assistant... see more

This is an exercise I created for a Technical Writing class that I teach online. It is an easy knowledge check that... see more

History holds many economic lessons. The Great Depression, in particular, is an event that provides the opportunity to... see more