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Offered as an introduction to the field of data structures and algorithms, Open Data Structures covers the implementation... see more

This book is Part I of a two-part set that introduces the Java programming language. The text assumes the student will be... see more

This eBook is designed to be a reference to many of the aspects surrounding the Software as a Sales (SaaS) model... see more

This is a free textbook offered by BookBoon. XML has become an important aspect of computing. It plays a crucial role in... see more

This is the electronic version of the Version Control with Subversion book by Ben Collins-Sussman, Brian W. Fitzpatrick... see more

This book introduces concepts in mobile, autonomous robotics to 3rd-4th year students in Computer Science or a related... see more

The book is divided up into four parts. Part I covers the basics of genetic programming (GP). This starts with a gentle... see more

Open access book about Deep Learning methods.

An introduction to object-oriented programming with a focus on objects-first and design patterns. Includes a Java syntax... see more

B.C. Campus Open Education: Open Textbook Self-Publishing Guide is a practical reference/development tool for individuals... see more

Intech is currently one of the world's leading multidisciplinary publishers of Open Access eBooks (2500+), covering:... see more

This book is Part I of a two-part set that introduces the Java programming language. The text assumes the student will be... see more

This book gives an introduction to Soft Computing, which aims to exploit tolerance for imprecision, uncertainty,... see more

This is an introductory coverage of algorithms and data structures with application to graphics and geometry. Part I of... see more

Applied Discrete Structures by Al Doerr and Ken Levasseur is a free open content textbook in discrete mathematics.... see more

Computer science textbook with 13 chapters, grouped into four sections: 1) What is Information Systems? 2)IS... see more

'When I teach computer science courses, I want to cover important concepts in addition to making the material interesting... see more

Open At The Margins: Critical Perspectives on Open Education is a pertinent book on Open Education, "containing 38... see more

'This is an introductory course and covers the key features of the C language and its usage. The first five chapters help... see more

This book unites two approaches to teaching programming languages, one based on a survey of languages and the other on... see more

a concise introduction to software design using the Python programming language. Intended for people with no programming... see more

"A Byte of Python" is a free book on programming using the Python language. It serves as a tutorial or guide to the... see more

The release of OpenOffi 3.0 has been one of the most anticipated software packages among open source advocates and... see more

Books and articles on instructional design in online learning abound but rarely do we get such a comprehensive picture of... see more