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"Broadcast Composition"is a case study discussion of Steve Krause's evolving use of audio files, podcasts, and... see more

The “data journalist” gathers, interviews and presents data”. As such, it needs a suite of new skills around... see more

An interactive exploration of the Salem witchcraft outbreak of 1692, the Salem Witchcraft Site provides data about... see more

Discover the African Burial Ground National Monument: A Lightning Lesson from Teaching with Historic Places Learn about... see more

Listen to this report by Julie McCarthy who looked at polygamy in Saudi Arabia. This audio can be used with Marriage and... see more

Balkan News Brokers for current events in the Balkans.

On Episode 2 of the Sustainable Funding Vlogcast for Media, Educators, Technologists, and Creators, author of Animals of... see more

Lesson Outline and Objectives 1. Student will recall facts about East Asian culture, society, economics, and politics. 2.... see more

This site includes a complete collection of historical documents and images, and two animations, related to the death of... see more

Aquí encontraras algunos de los conceptos más usuales con respecto a los objetos de aprendizaje OA o también LO.

This site includes a comprehensive collection of historical documents, images and videos related to the famous expedition... see more

The site uses scanned images to introduce the main historical actors in a book called The Anatomy of Murders by Lisa... see more

This site includes an extensive collection of historical documents and images related to the Vikings and their legendary... see more

This site offers users the opportunity to take a brief quiz that assesses the extent of their "ecological footprint,"... see more

"Broadcast Composition" is a case study discussion of Steven D. Krause's evolving use of audio files, podcasts, and... see more

The Greek Theatre of Sophocles and Euripides used three actors to perform all of the named character roles. (This does... see more

The CorpWatch site is a collection of articles examining the role corporations play in the United States and the world... see more

This handbook is intended for anthropologists to help them consider ethical issues in their own research and to help them... see more

The MoodleReader Module is a freeware, open-source module has been developed over the past two years as a means for... see more

World Bank site on poverty including both overviews and very detailed reports on various issues regarding poverty... see more

This profile of Public Sphere Pedagogy at California State University, Chico, was prepared for a forthcoming report,... see more

What does teacher collaboration look like and what are its benefits? And what strategies are best for effective... see more

An in-depth repository for the ongoing study of the uban center of this ancient Roman city, the Forum in Pompeii. View... see more

A complete resource for remembering the attacks on September 11. Users can read others' stories of that day, use the... see more