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In 3:30 minutes, the author provides a very brief introduction to Internal Control and the 5 COSO elements. The... see more

YouTube video number 2 from Symantec Education provides a very nice discussion of botnets as well as how to keep your... see more

This 176 PowerPoint presentation details the content of the 2006 Report to the Nation on Occupational Fraud and Abuse... see more

In "A Discussion about Fraud and Bankruptcy," Nigel Holloway, director for the Americas of the Economist Intelligence... see more

The American Institute of Certified Public Accountants created the top 10 technologies process in the late 1980s by... see more

The SOX Challenge is located at the KPMG University Connection website and will require a free registration (email... see more

A brief overview of XBRL with an introduction to the XBRL tools, which can help you comply with XBRL mandates.

This 9-minute YouTube videos describes software options available for small businesses. Products discussed include... see more

Cost or Expense? is an interactive technical note with the overriding objective of clarifying the concepts of costs and... see more

After preparing your adjusted trial balance, the next step in the accounting cycle is to prepare your financial... see more

The most critical concept for any accounting student to master is an understanding of debits and credits. Many textbooks... see more

Preparing a trial balance is a key step in the accounting cycle, but what do you do if your trial balance doesn't... see more

The Cash Payments Journal is a special journal designed to record a single type of frequently occurring transaction -- in... see more

A subsidiary ledger, or subledger, breaks out a single general ledger account into subgroups that share common... see more

The Accounting Cycle is a series of steps which are repeated every reporting period. The process starts with making... see more

Review accounting cycle terms and definitions like adjusting entries, the chart of accounts, and adjusted trial balance... see more

Adjusting Entries are journal entries that are made at the end of the accounting period to adjust expenses and revenues... see more

The chart of accounts is a numerical listing of all identified accounts used by a company to record transactions. Learn... see more

Bibliography that contains links to thousands of JSTOR full text Accounting Review articles from 1926-2000. Note that... see more

This is a free textbook offered by BookBoon. This is the first in a series of three books with the title of Excel... see more

The general ledger is where all accounting transactions are posted in a double entry system using debits (on the left)... see more

The Cash Receipts Journal is a special journal designed to record a single type of frequently occurring transaction -- in... see more

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La contabilidad de costos es un sistema de información para predeterminar, registrar, acumular, distribuir, controlar,... see more

Este material interactivo muestra de forma gráfica y matemática el modelo Coste-Volumen-Beneficio. Para explicar los... see more