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PBS Video has created an outstanding biographical video collection of cooking show episodes featuring Master Chef Julia... see more

In this Lesson Plan you will find strategies for teaching students with special needs step by step procedures of... see more

Physical fitness is the antidote for too much technology time. Here you find 800+ free (easy-to-follow) physical fitness... see more

SkillsCommons is a free and open online library of Open Educational Resources (OER) for Workforce Development.... see more

Slice is one of the best free websites and blogs for making American Pizza. Their "Serious Eats Pizza Making Guide"... see more

Culinary Arts web multimedia resource site (WMRS) for soup recipes. Soup Recipe provides an excellent collection of food... see more

Sulekha features an excellent cooking guide collection for exploring regional Indian food recipes. Here you find videos... see more

Whether you�re struggling to find a substitution for green onions, are unsure what type of fish bacalao is or you just... see more

Diet has a crucial role. In sport, a good diet won't make a mediocre player into a good player, but a poor diet Will make... see more

In this cooking show celebrity Chef Tyler Florence cooks the ultimate classic American dishes. Very Important Note: To... see more

This book is intended to give students a basic understanding of the various types and uses of ingredients used in the... see more

Working in the Food Service Industry is one of a series of Culinary Arts books developed to support the training of... see more

Workplace Safety in the Food Service Industry is one of a series of Culinary Arts books developed to support the training... see more

It's no wonder why Yummly(tm) is one of the fastest, growing, free websites for cooking known for its unique search... see more

The Air Pano Project is to take spectacular, aerial 360 degrees panoramic photographic views of interesting locations... see more

Basic Kitchen and Food Service Management is one of a series of Culinary Arts open textbooks developed to support the... see more

Bicycling Magazine's free website featuring training-fitness-nutritional-health videos for bicyclists. Also, here you... see more

"Take 250,000+ recipes (including your own) and your grocery list anywhere! With over seven million downloads, BigOven is... see more

"Take 250,000+ recipes (including your own), your grocery list and menu plans anywhere on your iPhone! With over seven... see more

People around the world are fascinated about the preparation of food for eating. There are countless cooking books, TV... see more

Created by the Cornell University Center for Hospitality Research and managed by Sage Publications, this e-journal... see more

The Essential Skills Companion Kit to Culinary Arts Trades Training was developed to complement technical Culinary Arts... see more

The Hilali Toolkit is designed to be a living resource for teachers and students which merges new ideas about teaching... see more

This text is provided to you as an Open Educational Resource (OER) which you access online. It is designed to give you a... see more