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This is an activity about the adaptations that allow the Aye-aye to survive in its habitat. Learners will explore how the... see more

In this activity, learners explore how the application of nano-sized particles or coatings can change a bigger... see more

Japanese Massive Open Online Courses (JMOOC) is the Japanese MOOC platform provider of MOOCs in Japanese. JMOOC provides... see more

The Center for Cultural Design presents this site on graffiti artwork as it relates to mathematics. Graffiti artists... see more

Created by Jenny McFarland and Tom Murphy at Edmonds Community College, this site presents a coordinated studies course... see more

A corpus of more than 2500 hours of videos composed of interviews with researchers and scholars, conferences, seminars,... see more

This guided inquiry three-part activity engages learners in thinking about the mechanism of natural selection by... see more

In this activity, learners explore how genetic switches function and the role of genetic switches in the process of... see more

In this activity related to plant biotechnology, learners use the tissue culture process to rapidly produce clones... see more

In this physical sciences activity, learners explore how forensic investigators collect prints from a crime scene.... see more

In this online interactive, learners explore the various types of life that live in fresh water systems and how the... see more

In this outdoor activity/game, learners use thermometers to simulate how lizards survive in habitats with extreme... see more

The website for project OBIS-SEAMAP (Ocean Biogeographic Information System - Spatial Ecological Analysis of... see more

This site consists of a gallery of demos for illustrating selected families of polynomials and rational functions. These... see more

Miriada X is the Spanish and Portuguese MOOC platform that offers you MOOCs in Spanish and Portuguese from universities... see more

RWAQ is the Arabic MOOC Platform that offers you MOOCs in Arabic. Here you find free MOOCs in a variety of fields of... see more

This page from the GeoTech Center provides a link to ESRI's ArcLessons, which is a resource for educators to share and... see more

This lesson from Illuminations helps students see connections between mathematics and other disciplines, such as... see more

This course seeks to explain how the exercise of government affects daily lives using statistical analysis and... see more

A PowerPoint overview of what constitutes one-, two-, and three-dimensional shapes. The presentation will inform students... see more

This video was recorded at Emerging Trends in Visual Computing. Main issue of High Resolution Doppler Imagery is related... see more

This website offers children at the 4th grade level a chance to take short quizzes in different subject areas and get... see more

This tutorial requires Shockwave, but works best to download the executable version of the program (the "Projector"... see more

The site provides a variety of research-based psychology personality tests pertaining to topics such as the need for... see more