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Images and information about single element (Group IV elements) or binary (III-V or II-VI elements) semiconductors. A... see more

Online digital circuit applet, with tutorial that includes a quiz, references, worksheet, and SPICE/CAD simulation.

This interactive lesson deals with all aspects of accuracy, precision, error, and significant figures. Includes... see more

This simulation lets users alter a variety of variables for simple harmonic motion for two systems: a spring with a... see more

The uniform circular motion is intimately related to a simple harmonic motion. If we were to look at a side view of the... see more

Applet and tutorial includes quiz, references, SPICE/CAD simulation, and worksheet.

Simulation of a read and write oepration. Tutorial includes a worksheet, quiz, references, and SPICE/CAD simulation.

Online digital circuit applet, with tutorial including quiz, worksheet, SPICE/CAD simulation, and references.

Interactive animated demonstration shows how single oscillators make up a cosine wave.

(From the author) The following movies show animated plots of various frequency-dependent electrical features of... see more

This website hosts a collection of questions and answers intended as a basis for Socratic discussions on the subject of... see more

A set of simulations exploring the basic properties and creation of both sound and electromagnetic waves.

This Java applet demonstrates some physical effects of Einstein's Special Relativity. On the left is a graph of "space",... see more

This applet demonstrates the formation mechanism for an emission spectrum and an absorption spectrum for Hydrogen,... see more

Applet demonstrates the principles of acceleration from the point of view of a driver in an moving vehicle. Negative... see more

This applet shows the impact of a curved space, in this case a sphere, on the transport of vectors. Also shown is the... see more

A three-dimensional interactive display of the spherical polar coordinate system.

Spins is an interactive computer program that simulates Stern–Gerlach measurements on spin ½ and spin 1 particles.

This Java applet demonstrates the variation of elongation, velocity, acceleration, force and energy during the... see more

This applet shows the two dimensional spring pendulum: a mass suspended on a spring. The pendulum moves under the... see more

This applet shows the motion of a simple harmonic oscillator in one dimension. Position, velocity, and acceleration can... see more

(From the author) The following movies show standing waves as the superposition of two sine waves traveling in opposite... see more

Java Stereograms plots stereographic projections of poles onto a Wulff net. The pole distribution is determined by the... see more

Applet for displaying stereographic projections on to a Wulff net (quasicrystals) - test