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DAC measures the flow of aid and other financial resources to aid receipients. Collected annually from the Members of the... see more

net and mobile banking, internet financial service, demonetisation etc. Critical view of digital banking

This is a useful site for the student or professional who would like to gain more knowledge into the pitfalls and... see more

Use this printable Smartacus Study Sheet to learn about the Dividend Payout Ratio, Dividend Yield Ratio, and Price to... see more

This nifty site enables one to determine which country a flag represents. The flags are organized by background color,... see more

A selection of articles on ERP, primarily from a managerial point of view.

Euromonitor is a leading business information publisher. It provides off-the-shelf research and publishes over 200 new... see more

The IGD 'European Retail Index' is an attempt to give a more accurate ranking of the region's top 35 retailers than those... see more

Página chilena, donde muestra como exportar paso a paso

This is a listing fad products including Silly Putty, Slinky, Hula Hoop, Mood Rings, Pet Rocks and Rubik's Cube.... see more

Provides information and resources to support learning about antitrust legislation and how it works to protect consumers... see more

This site provides sample Forms tht are helpful during the fraud examination process for establishing proof or providing... see more

An interesting free Internet marketing software, allowing one to choose digital products.

Listed here are brand names that have become generic product names.

AARP was one of the first organizations to recognize aging as a truly worldwide phenomenon that requires global... see more

This site contains information on the human genome project, as well as, useful links.

This is a commercial site. However, they have a complete listing of codes and laws related to human resources. Provided... see more

This site contains links to sample human resources policies, procedures, guidelines and forms. The links are in... see more

This site contains information designed to help academics integrate the topic of fraud into a course on government... see more

This position paper was written to address life-long learning in the accounting profession. The AECC believes that... see more

The growing acceptance of International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) as a basis for U.S. financial reporting... see more

'Essential knowledge and wisdom from the best minds in business! The Jossey-Bass Leadership Skills app delivers proven... see more

Journal of Educators Online (JEO) is an online, double-blind reviewed journal by and for instructors, administrators,... see more