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Explicación del uso y algunas de las opciones del comando Plot3D de Mathematica que permite la representación de... see more

Explicación del comando ContourPlot3D de Mathematica y algunas de sus opciones. Este comando permite la representación... see more

Explicación del comando ParametricPlot3D de Mathematica. Este comando permite representar en tres dimensiones curvas y... see more

Explicación de los comandos Graphics3D y PolyhedronData de Mathematica. Estos comandos permiten representar objetos... see more

Explicación del comando RegionPlot3D de Mathematica. Este comando permite representar la intersección de 2 o más... see more

En este vídeo se utiliza Mathematica para hacer representaciones gráficas sencillas

HealthTap allows you to have online access to physicians right from your phone. Ask a question, and volunteer and... see more

'HelloTalk - The 1st Language Exchange Social Networking App in the world. * Find native speakers of the language you are... see more

'Homeworkr is a course management application that helps students track information about their course work. Students can... see more

Las instrucciones de MATLAB utilizadas para la realización de este objeto de aprendizaje permiten realizar la... see more

'Share and schedule posts from your Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Foursquare accounts all from one app. Hootsuite is... see more

'This is a simple application that will factor quadratic equations, if possible. It's quick, handy, and easy. Example:... see more

'iHomework now features iCloud syncing across your iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, and Mac! iHomework looks stunning on iPhone... see more

'The Interactive Historical Atlas gives you 50 topic based history maps within Ancient History, the Middle Ages and the... see more

'• Learn to read, write and understand numbers from zero to nine, through a series of interactive, guided and challenging... see more

Video (Polimedia) y presentación diapositivas ( Taller básico sobre el gestor de... see more

Se explica cómo hallar la inversa de una matriz cuadrada mediante operaciones elementales con el método de Gauss-Jordan.

'Join many thousands of iStopMotion fans and enjoy the excitement of creating stop motion animations (AKA claymation or... see more

'A student's life is a dizzying mix of activity and just plain craziness! Take charge of your schedule and put iStudiez... see more

Talk Recorder Premium is a full-featured recording app with a streamlined and intuitive user interface. Press the big red... see more

'Can you imagine talking into your phone in one language and immediately hearing yourself in another language? That’s... see more

'iTunes U is the best way to create and experience courses on iPad. The iTunes U app gives you access to complete courses... see more

'Kodable is a free educational iPad game offering a kid-friendly introduction to programming concepts and problem... see more

Introducimos la definición y el cálculo de la función potencial de dos campos escalares p(x,y) y q(x,y) y proporcionamos... see more