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This course, along with 21F.108/158 offered in the spring, form the elementary level of the streamlined sequence, which... see more

This course is the intermediate level of the streamlined curriculum, which is intended for students who, when they began... see more

This is the second semester of the intermediate level sequence intended for students whose conversational ability exceeds... see more

This course is a sequel to 21F.113 Chinese V (Streamlined). It is designed to further help students develop sophisticated... see more

The goal of this course is to review grammar and develop vocabulary building strategies to refine oral and written... see more

The purpose of this course is to develop your writing skills so that you can feel confident writing the essays, term... see more

This workshop is designed to help you write clearly, accurately and effectively in both an academic and a professional... see more

Childhood is a source of fascination in most Western cultures. It is both a major inspiration for artistic creation and a... see more

This course is an intermediate subject designed to help students gradually build an in-depth understanding of France. The... see more

This course studies the transformation of childhood and youth since the 18th century in France, as well as the... see more

Students in this course will examine short stories and short novels published in France during the past 20 years, with... see more

In this course students are exposed to history and culture of German-speaking countries through audio, video, and Web... see more

This course expands skills in speaking, reading, listening, and writing. Students develop analytic and interpretative... see more

This course focuses on development of interpretive skills, using literary texts (B. Brecht, S. Zweig) and contemporary... see more

Prepares students for working and living in German-speaking countries. Focus on current political, social, and cultural... see more

In diesem Kurs erhalten Sie einen Überblick über einige wichtige literarische Texte, Tendenzen und Themen aus der... see more

The topic for Fall 2006 is short film and radio plays. This course investigates current trends and topics in German... see more

This course is an introduction to modern standard Japanese with an emphasis on developing proficiency in speaking and... see more

This course is based around the enhancement of the four basic skills, extension of basic grammar, vocabulary and kanji... see more

This course covers JSL (Japanese: the Spoken Language, Part 1, by Eleanor H. Jorden with Mari Noda, Yale University... see more

This course covers Japanese: The Spoken Language lessons 17 through 22. It will further develop the four basic skills,... see more

This course covers lessons 22 through 27 of Japanese: The Spoken Language by Eleanor H. Jordan with Mari Noda. The goal... see more

This course covers Lessons 27 through 30 of Japanese: The Spoken Language by Eleanor H. Jordan with Mari Noda. The goal... see more

Spanish I is very different from other classes at MIT. The central component of the text and workbook is a series of 26... see more