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Nurses are continually being burnt out from the rewarding profession due to the nursing shortage. Bedside nursing is... see more

People who are deaf or hard of hearing use a variety of ways to communicate. Some rely on sign language interpreters or... see more

Wind and weather reports & forecasts for kitesurfers, windsurfers, surfers, sailors and paragliders for over 40000... see more

Este vídeo tiene como objeto ser capaz de realizar la creación de un dominio Windows Server 2003, configurando para ello... see more

'Turn your device into a wind tunnel simulator ! 

Draw obstacles and watch the fluid flow around. Experiment with... see more

'Turn your device into a wind tunnel simulator ! 

Draw obstacles and watch the fluid flow around. Experiment with... see more

Se describe el motor de cálculo Wolframalpha disponible de forma gratuita en Internet para resolver problemas matemáticos... see more

' Word Ball challenges your word building skills in a fast paced, unique, and fun word game. Play with friends and beat... see more

Recently, I've begun to subscribe to two "word of the day" services. It came to my attention that my vocabulary had... see more

Se trata de analizar la forma en que se forman las palabras en inglés.

Energy methods are commonly used in Structural Analysis. In this document we will explain the concept of Work and Energy... see more

El objeto sobre el World Bank trata de analizar el papel de esta institución tan importante para el desarrollo de los... see more

Uso de aplicaciones en Internet como apoyo a la docencia

'Writer is a writing application without the fuss and distraction of a traditional word processor. It's perfect for... see more

Instrucciones y normas para escribir un currículum vitae en inglés haciendo énfasis en los distintos tipos de estudios... see more

Normas para escribir en inglés una carta formal solicitando información.

A noun names everything. A phrase is a small group of words that forms a meaningful unit within a clause. A noun phrase... see more

En primer lloc es mostra, per mitjà d'exemples, que tots estem acostumats a emprar un nombre raonable de xifres... see more

'Yara CheckIT is an agricultural smartphone app that gives farmers a photographic library of the crops to allow a simple... see more

Yorùbá101 now offers you the chance to become a Legend! It's simple. Learn the basics of Yorùbá Language using over a... see more

Geschäftsmodell von der eigenen person, das breschreibt das Grundprinzip, nach dem ein Profesionell (Person) Werte... see more

'YouTube your way. Get the official YouTube app for Android. Instantly become the DJ, learn Kung Fu and easily share with... see more

Audio-cuentos de nuestro libro "Yul y Hasen: de magia y emociones". ¡Le damos vida a nuestras historias favoritas! En... see more