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The International Association of Chinese Linguistics (IACL) is a professional organization devoted to the promotion of... see more

The International Children's Digital Library (ICDL) is a research project funded primarily by the National Science... see more

This website is great for anybody wanting to learn about Italy and Italian culture. It has links pertaining to... see more

This site is all about learning and improving skills in foreign languages. In addition to providing instruction it also... see more

'✔ 50+ languages Translate words, phrases and even whole texts into over 50 languages. ✔ Dictionaries Now for many... see more

The Five College Arabic Course Guides are used in the Five College Mentored Language Program. The course guides include... see more

This "expression drill and tutor" is a language teaching program that lets users design lessons that help students... see more

Chinese vocabulary, audio files and images.

Arabic grammar: nouns, pronouns, and adjectives.

moreVocabulary, LLC specializes in foreign vocabulary learning software. We target a global market of more than 50... see more

moreVocabulary, LLC specializes in foreign vocabulary learning software. We target a global market of more than 50... see more

A listing of resources for languages of Latin America including indigenous languages, creoles, and linguistic resources... see more

This site provides a number of links to resources for learning Arabic

'MindSnacks Spanish is a one-of-a-kind language learning game. It's the most enjoyable and exciting way to learn or... see more

', the leading online community for language learning, brings you the perfect app to learn Spanish on the go: ✓... see more

" Lecturas Paso a Paso" This site which is also available through the online services "Centro Virtual Cervantes " of the... see more

Audio and video materials comparing colloquial Arabic as spoken by Jordanians, Syrians and Palestinians. From the... see more

This video demonstrates how to use Linguanet Europa and describes the benefits of using it in learning a new language.... see more

Teach or learn a modern foreign language with the help of our colourful picture vocabulary language flashcards in... see more

משימת חקר בשפה האנגלית. במשימה זו התלמידים נחשפים לסוגים שונים של אוכל בריא ולא בריא ולערכים תזונתיים למזון שאוכלים.... see more

This section of the "Native Languages of the Americas" web site contains a variety of high quality and effective... see more

"Through a special agreement with more than 800 newspapers worldwide, the Newseum displays these front pages each day on... see more

Learn Spanish online. You can follow the course or search for a particular lesson. Useful for all levels. It also has a... see more