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This site contains a lab manual and a workbook designed for a chemistry class.

Silicon, tin and lead powders belong to group IV in periodic table and exhibit decreasing semi conducting nature towards... see more

Vanadium pentoxide powders are very useful in producing ferrous as well as aluminiumalloys, inremoving carbon and sulphur... see more

Aluminium powders are used in a wide range from propelling rockets to improving personal hygiene. More popular industrial... see more

Next to atoms and molecules the powders are the smallest state of matter available in high purities and large quantities.... see more

Scientists are searching for eluding link between spirituality and science. Some believe fundamental essences of universe... see more

Tellurium has gained significant attention due to its photoconductivity, piezoelectricity, and thermo conductivity... see more

This textbook was developed as part of the Textbook Transformation Grants for the Affordable Learning Georgia project.... see more

The Chemistry LibreTexts library is a principal hub of the LibreTexts project, which is a multi-institutional... see more