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This site contains a collection of materials to support engineering learning environments. Subjects currently addressed... see more

Semiconductors are materials that exhibit electrical behavior somewhere between that of insulators and that of... see more

Convex Optimization II is one of the ten free courses being offered to the public through Stanford Engineering... see more

Livros Interativos de Engenharia Elétrica is a collection of books (3 at the moment) of online exercises that the user... see more

LM555 Astable Multivibrator internal simulation

Open Source Distributed Learning Content Management and Assessment System.

This film examines levels of illumination outdoors and in various workplaces. Educational concepts include light meter,... see more

This free, online textbook in unlike prior textbooks in that it contains the "logical development of arguments and ideas... see more

Links to online resources, reference materials, and product information for the field of mechatronics. Topics include... see more

A MOS calculation tool for Flat-Band Voltage (VFB) and the Threshold Voltage. Tutorial and applet includes worksheet,... see more

Monterey Institute for Technology and Education is an educational non-profit organization committed to improving access... see more

Gives a guided tour of how an N-channel enhancement MOSFET works. Includes an interactive diagram of the MOSFET, as well... see more

The National Learning Network, a government-supported project based in the UK, was inaugurated in 1999 to encourage the... see more

a UK initiative to help transform the Further Education (FE) learning environment. £5.5 million has been allocated over... see more

Objetos Educacionais em Engenharia Elétrica is a collection of learning objects in the area of undergraduate Electrical... see more

The Pentium Pro Microprocessor Bus-Signal Animation applet animates the hardware signal timing used in various bus... see more

Applet and tutorial, with quiz, worksheet, references, and SPICE model.

Applet and tutorial, with quiz, worksheet, references, and SPICE model.

Applet and tutorial, with quiz, references, worksheet, and SPICE model.

The Problem-Based Learning Clearinghouse is a “collection of problems and articles to assist educators in using... see more

This tutorial explains how resistance to current flow occurs at the molecular level, and shows how an electric conductor... see more

Northwestern University Deployed a simulation into its core engineering curriculum for 2 years, giving freshman engineers... see more

Sample Wrench is an extensive digital audio analysis and editing tool that runs under Windows. Formerly a commercial... see more

Online digital circuit applet, with tutorial that includes a quiz, references, worksheet, and SPICE/CAD simulation.