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Important selected information literacy resources in the Kiswahili Language

One information literacy resource in the Swahili language used in Zanzibar and some other countries in the Eastern and... see more

Sweet Search, designed by Dulcinea Media, provides students with an easy way to find credible webites with educational... see more

This Presentation covers the communication software that enables one Internet connected computer or "host" to communicate... see more

We've seen amazing progress in information technology over the last fifty years.This progress has been due to both... see more

This presentation differentiates between a word processor and a text editor, which creates simple text files and stores... see more

The data link layer is responsible for moving data within a local area network. We will see the major functions provided... see more

We've seen that domains are groups of related computers. Domains have names. Individual hosts have unique, fully... see more

Designed to meet the needs of the worldwide research community, the European Library provides quick and easy access to... see more

This presentation shows how to use the Filezilla FTP client to transfer files to and from a remote server, and how it... see more

A free, useful, and comprehesive dictionary resource for language usage/semantics, financial, law, medical, and more... see more

This presentation quickly goes over what the internet layer is. The internet layer protocol is internet protocol (IP).... see more

This article tells about what the library of the future will look like. "No longer a warehouse for barely touched tomes,... see more

The physical layer standards specify hardware characteristics and ways to differentiate between ones and zeros. This... see more

A peer-reviewed open journal about libraries and politics. EveryLibrary helps secure funding for libraries at the ballot... see more

The Septic's Companion is an A-to-Zed dictionary of British Slang words and phrases, written by a Scotsman living in... see more

We will quickly review the idea of layered protocols to put the internet layer in context. The internet layer protocol is... see more

(The show me librarian Blog) Picture Book Walk at Quail Ridge Park. With all the hullabaloo that is summer reading, it... see more

O'Reilly's site for how to deal with digital-age publishing and DRM issues.

We will use a network utility program called traceroute, to see which routers a packet passes through in moving across... see more

Turabian refers to A Manual for Writers of Term Papers, Theses, and Dissertations written by Kate Turabian. Turabian is a... see more

We will see how to use an independent service,, to add a link to an image or short video to a tweet. This is... see more

Tips showing students how to cite, when to cite and why.

This presentation is on URLs. URL sounds exotic – it stands for uniform resource locator – but it is just a geek term for... see more