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At Nurses International we firmly believe that nurses have a key role to play in bringing redemption to the suffering... see more

The transformation has begun, and the early work to establish a new education infrastructure is described in this... see more

Quizlet that contains information about different heart rhythms and the images that they correspond with on an EKG. This... see more

entry page for nurse training modules regarding geriatrics

This resource gives free tips on nursing interviews and what questions to ask for your first nursing job.

Nursing project management is widely used in different aspects of the society. However, whether the nursing project... see more

Nursing School of Success' free resources for nursing students. Download checklists, lab value charts, assessment charts,... see more

Everything You Need to Pass Nursing School Start free trial Mike Helps you STUDY AND PASS Nursing School Material like... see more

Standford nursing strategic guide that discusses professional practice model, shared leadership, RN voice, advanced... see more

Every day is different as a nurse, and so planning a schedule in advance may be easier said than done, so here are my... see more

Nursing Humor Cartoons- for hilarious comic strips on virtually any nursing or health care topic. Learn and laugh at the... see more

This is a helpful guide/worksheet for counting carbohydrates. Nurses could use this in early diabetes education or school... see more

This study investigated the effectiveness of a brief Distraction Education intervention for parents prior to their... see more

The goal of this simulation is to demonstrate best practices in safe opioid use and prevent adverse drug events. You will... see more

Human milk is widely recognized as the optimal source of nutrition for all infants. Breast milk promotes development of... see more

This article published in LPN2009, a nursing journal for practical nurses, is an excellent source for patient teaching... see more

This is patient teaching on the medications Tikosyn used to conver patients from Atrial Fibrillation back to sinus... see more

PharmaFactz is the leading online pharmacology site to help you pass your pharmacy exam. Whether you're preparing for a... see more

Pheochromocytoma nclex review lecture on the pathophysiology, causes, signs and symptoms, nursing interventions,... see more

This website discusses pneumonia. The website reviews the pathophysiology, risk factors, diagnosis, treatments, and more.... see more

Nursing care plan and interventions for the new mother – postpartum care.