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Interactive learning resources designed to facilitate both the teaching and learning of science. Instructors can create... see more

This PDF is an Instructional Design plan for physics students that have learned about the concept of speed and need to... see more

Most loud speakers consist of a circular permanent magnet surrounding a freely moving coil. The coil is attached to a... see more

A block moves on an inclined plane. Initial velocity and friction can be adjusted, and distances measured. Energy is also... see more

A catalog of various tables of elements for various disciplines. Includes 3D table of ions, table of electron... see more

Treatise on Microscopy divided into several sections, available through links. Interactive Java and Flash tutorials help... see more

Play A Piano using your mouse or keyboard, read the notes on the musical score as it plays for you, see the wave forms as... see more

Online materials for information about aeronautics and flight.

SRA is a web application that calculates the auditory roughness of sound signals, based on a roughness calculation model... see more

This applet demonstrates heat flow and temperature change for a metal with the ends held at different temperatures. The... see more

קורות חייו של הממציא תומס אלווה אדיסון. חלק מהמצאותיו הידועות היו הפונוגרף, נורת הליבון, מקרן הראינוע ואפרכסת הטלפון אך... see more

Wikipedia: Lists of Academic Journals is a work-in-progress project listing academic journals catalogued and sorted by... see more

A collection of "cognitively informed," openly available and free online courses and course materials that enact... see more

Java applet for demonstrating circular motion and centripetal force. Mirror available at... see more

Physlet example problems for solutions to the finite and infinite square well quantum eigenstates. Gives numerical... see more

Javascript visualization of spherical harmonics in 3-D. Allows user to rotate plot with the mouse.

The AC generator tutorial demonstrates how varying the frequency of an alternating current can affect both the voltage... see more

Elastic waves in the active (ultrasound) and passive form (acoustic emission) provide an ideal approach for the... see more

A huge collection of tutorials, with detailed explanations and applets, all hyperlinked with each other to create what is... see more

An extensive text description, with graphics, of angular momentum of a rigid body.

This set of two Arduino assignments for Principles of Physics II includes an introductory assignment in exploring the... see more

B.C. Campus Open Education: Open Textbook Self-Publishing Guide is a practical reference/development tool for individuals... see more

Applet demonstrates the firing of a bullet into a block in order to illustrate principles of conservation of energy and... see more

Graphically demonstrates the phenomena of beats.