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Si queremos recordar momentos heroicos de nuestra armada de guerra, debemos rememorar a un almirante excelente, don Blas... see more

This interactive case study presents the evolution and growth of Bodaclick from its founding in the year 2000, to 2008.... see more

This paper reports on the evaluation of the impact of the Boston Gun Project (Massachusetts), a problem-oriented policing... see more

This Hubert e-Case focuses on the development of an innovative web-based tool, Bridge to Benefits, which helps citizens... see more

This resource explores the exhibition space as a site or opportunity for discussion and debate: The relationship between... see more

Colleges don’t need fancy arenas or hundreds of high-speed computers to launch esports teams, but they do need engaged... see more

It is no secret that the costs of higher education and ballooning student indebtedness have become part of the national... see more

Brian and Tracy are a couple in their mid-40's. They believe themselves to be in "ok" to "good" shape financially.... see more

Most U.S. companies experience the effects of global trade increases and loss of revenue to foreign competition. Large... see more

Students determine what building stones are most appropriate in a climate similar to Washington, DC by examining stones... see more

This article discusses or compares different chronic somatic disorders such as asthma, osteoporosis and fibrymyalgia with... see more

synthesis and purification of cardiac troponin

This case study discusses the course of illness, treatment, and prevention strategies for patients who have suffered... see more

En este objeto anexaremos materiales echos por nosotros para enriquecer el tema y formar una idea mas clara sobre lo que... see more

This case highlights a critical quandary of nonprofit management as the domestic violence organization profiled, Casa de... see more

More than 1 million healthcare professionals use Figure 1 to recognize rare conditions in their patients and sharpen... see more

Past and current stress levels – An accumulation of stressful life problems often builds up over time and can result in... see more

Created by James Filliben and Alan Heckert, this part of the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)... see more

The online Engineering Statistics Handbook provides a section (4.6 Case Studies in Process Modeling) using detailed... see more

Capital Structure and Dividend Policy in an Intro to Business Course by Sean Reid, Len LaBonia, Ben Shaw-Ching Liu,... see more

The Veteran's Day storm of November 9-14, 1996 may be the most severe early season lake effect snow (LES) storm the Great... see more

One of the most intense nor'eaters to ever strike the Eastern United States did so in the second week of March, 1993.... see more

'Kyle Menchhofer wants the kids in his school district to succeed in a technology-based world. Menchhofer is the... see more