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Teach or learn a modern foreign language with the help of our colourful picture vocabulary language flashcards in... see more

"This game is an adaptation for kids of the famous Tangram game. Rules have been simplified (no rotation needed at all)... see more

Here are math skill pages for grades 1-6 that are organized by subject. Students complete the pages and their progress is... see more

'With MyScript Memo, take your notes on the go using your handwriting and convert them to digital text that you can... see more

'Join Nathan the hippopotamus whose lifelong dream is to become the lifeguard for a small pond and the neighboring... see more

'As adapted from the Book of Genesis, this recounts Noah's journey in the Ark when God flooded the Earth. StoryChimes are... see more

This is a review PowerPoint created for first grade (possibly second grade) to help them with individual review. This was... see more

'NPR for iPad: Experience NPR in magazine style with a focus on News, Arts & Life, and Music content that’s broad, deep,... see more

'Compare and explore fractions with this elegant and simple app. Swipe left or right to answer if the fraction on the... see more

Interactive online exercises: intervals, chords and scale construction, identification and ear-training, clef reading,... see more

Large collection of college-level introductory organic chemistry learning materials, including practice problems and... see more

'Flashlight and Magnifier in One App PLUS Mirror Mode ★ Featured in iTunes throughout the world! ✦ Easily see menus and... see more

Pick what kind of triangle you would like to solve and the program will generate a random triangle of that type. trig,... see more

'Pizza Fractions offers a simple, visually-based introduction to fractions for elementary school kids. In chef's pizzeria... see more

'PlayTales stories are designed to help develop children’s creativity and intelect. These stories will have the youngest... see more

This is a free mobile app for productivity. 'Pocket lets you take your content with you. Whenever you come across an... see more

'Podcast listening finally made easier Stay up to date with all the latest podcasts (or netcasts if you're Leo) with one... see more

' Give it a try if you are looking for a replacement to Google Listen, which was discontinued on August 2012. ★ It's... see more

'This is an enhanced version of podkicker, rewritten from scratch with new features. ★ Plays audio and videocasts. ★... see more

'As you learn presidential facts, quotes, nicknames and historical events, you can use your knowledge to help the... see more

One can find datasets at this location that come from information gathered in the 2002 Census. One can obtain the actual... see more

Online practice quizzes for any subject, including anatomy and phonetics. A fun way to practice and learn the material... see more

'Puzzle Man is a cool mobile app for educators. It allows its users to play puzzle games on their mobile devices. I am... see more

'Quiz Me!, the most fun and efficient way to learn your flashcards. With Quiz Me!, you can download flashcard sets from... see more