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You can create your own lectures, homework, and labs around any PhET simulation by using the PhET Activity Guidelines.... see more

Get up-and-running with Logisim Logic Circuit Design and Simulation software Includes installation instructions, overview... see more

This video was recorded at Stanford Engineering Everywhere CS223A - Introduction to Robotics. In introduction to... see more

What are the distinguishing traits of microorganisms? Can we take advantage of the tendency of bacteria to form colonies... see more

This material is a tutorial on web animation. It has been developed by HowStuffWorks, a media company that provides... see more

An animated explanation of how token ring networks operate.

This is a lesson plan intended for elementary age. It is outlined with the a fourth grade audience, but could be adapted... see more

[fr] Environnement d'apprentissage multimédia en ligne portant sur la rotation et la vibration des molécules et leur lien... see more

This item is a problem set designed for the high school science classroom, specifically for use with the PhET simulation... see more

This course surveys canonical and recent theories and methods in science studies. We will organize our discussions around... see more

Simulation-based physics educational resources for introductory courses. Topics covered include mechanics, E&M, Fluids,... see more

The Peng–Robinson cubic equation of state (CEOS) is used to calculate the inversion curve of the Joule–Thomson effect for... see more

This simulation shows the basic principles behind a prism, and demonstrates Snell's Law. Users can see how a prism... see more

This simulation lets users study projectile motion in a "golf" setting. The launch velocity and launch angle of the "golf... see more

Users attempt to balance 1 to 4 masses on a see-saw-like lever system (massless beam). The number of masses, their... see more

This gas turbine performance simulation program is a free "entry level" version of a very sophisticated commercial... see more

This quantum mechanics simulation shows electric dipole transitions, interactions of classical electromagnetic radiation,... see more

This website includes an animation of N-Channel Enhancement MOSFET Characteristic Curves. This simulation is from Module... see more

This simulation shows states in a hard walled, circular quantum well in 2D. Linear combinations of energy eigenstates can... see more

Great simulation explaining how active transport in the cell membrane works, good voice tutorial, online, easy to display... see more

This simulation shows the spreading of a wavepacket, a phenomenon which is a direct consequence of the Heisenberg... see more

The animation above shows a simulation of the Young-slit experiment, performed with either photons, atoms or electrons.... see more

This website includes an animation of the chemical vapor deposition process. Objective: Identify the process of chemical... see more

The magnetic force of the ions can be compared to a pinball machine with three different masses. If the same impulse is... see more