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This workshop tutorial for Steam (video game distribution platform) will showcase the cataloging on the platform, focused... see more

This lesson draft is a companion to the presentation Syntax of Scryfall. It gives facilitators learning objectives that... see more

Team Scryfall: Andrei Mihailovic, Sharon Osofsky, Jenna Primaveri, Landon King Learning Objectives 1. Understand the... see more

Steam a video game platform that functions as a social media platform, game store, game developing site, and software... see more

Magic the Gathering collides with a card database allowing for the first collectible card game to become more accessible... see more

This document 'is a white paper (2008) which provides guidelines and checklists to assist library staff when evaluating... see more

'In the most recent version of "Turabian," the editors closely follow the Chicago Manual of Style, having two basic... see more

People generally agree that Steve Jobs does great presentations and the PowerPoint package that accompanies many text... see more

This tutorial teaches students how to differentiate among trade, scholarly, and popular periodicals. It should take 15-20... see more

Using Google Scholar to find sources for your research can yield you a lot of articles, journals, books, and more. But... see more

This resource is designed to assist teachers in finding and using good mobile apps and devices for teaching and learning.... see more

Group Project looking at 23andMe as an organizing system.

Group Project looking at 23andMe as an organizing system.

'The Libraries strive to provide effortless access to the University Libraries’ onlineresources for students; faculty;... see more

UCLA WI+RE's (Writing Instruction + Research Education) "Wheel of Sources" is an interactive game show designed to help... see more

This presentation was given in a graduate information sciences core class, in a group of three students. We discussed the... see more

The lesson plan gives a general overview of Yelp!'s basic structure and the mechanics behind it that governs its system... see more

This is the companion document for our Yelp! presentation. It outlines the specfic things that we discussed when we gave... see more

The attached file is a lesson supplement to the Yelp! lesson plan, with added dialogue and content information for each... see more

A lesson plan on the information system, 23&Me.

This lesson plan provides information on the DNA testing kits, 23&me. The lesson plan was created as a part of a group... see more

This lesson plan and sample presentation explore 23andMe's genetic composition service. 23andMe provides multiple testing... see more

The Council of Science Editors (CSE) style guide is designed for the natural and physical sciences. IRSC students writing... see more

Effective Research Data Management (RDM) is a key component of research integrity and reproducible research, and its... see more