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97-113 of 113 results for: MERLOT Materials "the government's portal for information on Alzheimer's disease and related dementias care, research, and... see more

This cite basically gives information on how to control and prevent diseases from spreading and killing infants. It also... see more

A study of how many women are abused while pregnant in West Virginia.

El desarrollo humano requiere de la vivencia personal y colectiva de diversas experiencias que nos permitirán el... see more

The ICI is a university affiliated program at the University of Minnesota. Its website examines research, training,... see more

"Working in harmony to enhance and strengthen community-based, family-centered SIDS & infant death risk reduction and... see more

SIECUS (Sexuality Information and Education Council of the United States) "has served as the national voice for sexuality... see more

Part of the Crow Project:Collection of resources for link/exploring site for teaching social psychology for high school... see more

This site gives advice to those going through the blending of two families into a stepfamily. Contains information for... see more

A National Volunteer Resource and Support Network for Highly Gifted Children, their Families, Schools and Communities.

על ההתמודדות של הורים ביחסיהם עם ילדיהם בגיל ההתבגרות, הנוגעים בעיקר לנושאים הקשורים לתלות – עצמאות ולקבלת החוקים בבית.... see more

את תקופת ההתבגרות מאפיינים שינויים בכמה תחומים: גופניים, רגשיים ומשפחתיים-חברתיים. בני נוער בגיל זה אינם קבוצה אחידה... see more

Information and education on the subject of Alzheimer's disease with personal accounts and suggestions for caregivers.

Although this is categorized as an online course, it could also be used as a textbook because it is text based.... see more

Although this is classified as a course, it could also be used as a textbook, because it is text-based. 'Within this... see more

Although this is an online course, it could easily be used as a textbook, because it is text based. 'In this unit you... see more