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Molecular dynamics simulation of a polymer chain. Fast computers strongly recommended, since everything calculated on... see more

This applet illustrates the relationship between allele frequency and population mean fitness for a simple one-locus,... see more

Applet is designed to test users on their understanding of basic circuits.

This excellent website has information about the various types of memory: prospective, recent, semantic, remote, and... see more

Great interactive website. Students can practice punnett squares with pea breeding. Genetic simulator very powerful and showy. For learning the laws of Mendel and other forms of... see more

Sponsored by the Mensa Foundation, Mensa for Kids provides free resources for teachers and parents of gifted youth.

This site contains SIX online calculators: graphing calculator, matrix calculator, standard deviation calculator,... see more

A MOS calculation tool for Flat-Band Voltage (VFB) and the Threshold Voltage. Tutorial and applet includes worksheet,... see more

This applet lets you build simple mathematical proofs from axioms in logic and set theory.

Metapopulation Models are stochastic models of populations of populations (islands and mainland, with and without a... see more

This applet allows a person to test several root approximating methods by simply filling in the starting endpoint A, the... see more

Pictures and information about various microbes organized by habitats in a "virtual zoo". This is part of the "Digital... see more

MiniWaveMaker is an interactive computer simulation of a discretely weighted elastic string. It illustrates properties of... see more

This java applet shows how an image is formed due to light reflection.

This web page contains a series of animations and simulations related to magnetostatics. Topics include the magnetic... see more

'The Mobile MIM software program is used for the viewing, registration, fusion, and/or display for diagnosis of medical... see more

Застосування подібних електронних тренажерних комплексів у навчальному процесі дає змогу користувачам вивчити та... see more

A computer simulation on the web to visualize the genesis of normal and log-normal distributions

This Java applet is used to draw any Mohr's circle for 2D stress analysis, given any set of stresses : sigma_x, sigma_y,... see more

Moirée analogon of holograms using line grids for a reference wave.

The Molecular Expressions Photo Gallery contains hundreds of examples of full color photomicrographs (photographs taken... see more

Shows a microscopic model for an ideal gas.

This Applet shows a microscopic model for an ideal gas. The pressure that a gas exerts on the walls of its container is a... see more