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Programmed Learning often called Programmed Instruction paved the way for learner-centred and self-paced learning. It is... see more

The Society of Certified Adjunct Faculty Educators mission is to advance the professional practice of adjunct faculty... see more

Student engagement in online learning remains a challenge for the design of effective coursework. Additionally, few... see more

This site provides information about learner-centered teaching as well as links to presentations the author has made... see more

This article describes findings from the Survey of Student Perceptions of Remote Teaching and Learning, which was... see more

This award-winning space is here to house the stories of how learners learn in higher ed. Below is a list to choose from... see more

This e-book provides the basic information on the human brain essential to know if you want to become a smart adult... see more

'The MASIE Center collected over 1000 eLearning tips from readers and consortium members, and then compiled the best... see more