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This site provides a list that presenting eight basic principles that underlie effective learning, distilled from... see more

August 2016 - This link was updated. Since traditional faculty peer review forms are no longer sufficient for reviewing... see more

Similar to many institutions, faculty at the University of Michigan struggled to find ways to recognize faculty and/or... see more

A June 21, 2000, NSF report on a workshop of science and math education researchers. The purpose of this report is to... see more

This is actually a short summary of the major chapters in book entitled "Learner-Centered Teaching: Five Key Changes to... see more

Wikipedia's "List of Academic Journals by Preprint Policy" continues to grow as an ongoing Wikimedia project as more... see more

A selective hyperlinked list of textbooks concerned with college pedagogy as a major area of scholarship.

During a session of the April 1999 Annual Conference of the Texas Distance Learning Association (TxDLA), the authors... see more

Exchanges: The On-line Journal of Teaching and Learning in the California State University System (CSU) provides a medium... see more

An online membership organization that promotes the integration of technology in the classroom. The site provides a... see more

A list of distance education journals and newsletters put together by The International Centre for Distance Learning... see more

This site contains resources for a model of learning styles generally referred to as the Felder-Silverman model. The... see more

This paper describes a study to determine the extent to which evidence of collaborative learning could be identified in... see more

'This is an enhanced version of podkicker, rewritten from scratch with new features. ★ Plays audio and videocasts. ★... see more

Suggested online faculty development path with linked corresponding resources.

Based on a collaborative approach to learning, a student cohort taking an introductory level University course in... see more

This paper presents data from a two-year study concerning the communication behaviors of students in a distance learning... see more

This paper provides a comprehensive overview of key research issues in distance learning, including collaborative course... see more

With our unique focus on writing, our innovative web-born format and our open review process, we seek to move beyond the... see more

This is a seven minute video that explains the basics of APA formatting. Written by a graduate student, it is meant to... see more

The Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching is a national and international center for research and policy... see more

' Education changes lives and societies, but can we sustain the current model? New models and new technologies allow us... see more

There are a number of approaches for thinking about learning styles of students and a number of instruments for helping... see more

In this article, the author begins by examining learning as a product and as a process. The process examination delves... see more