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I find the space where business and technology meet to be tremendously exciting, but it’s been painful to see the anemic... see more

This is classified as a online book, but is a very short one. The learning goals of the "book" are that students "•... see more

This is the site of a 2001 Frontline report on the exploits of hackers and how they have highlighted the internet's... see more

This site has definitions to more than 7,000 high-tech terms. There are also portable reference buttons for emoticons,... see more

An online collection of calculators and worksheets gathered from the World Wide Web, this site offers links to useful... see more

Welcome to Information Systems for Business and Beyond. In this book, you will be introduced to the concept of... see more

This site provides links to a series of articles concerning Information Systems. Some of the articles are several years... see more

Explore topics such as information system hardware, software, development, security etc.

Information Systems: A Manager’s Guide to Harnessing Technology is intended for use in undergraduate and/or graduate... see more

IT, www, DataBase, B2B, Database, Process of System Development, Change Management,

Our first presentation for Introduction to Computers/BCIS. This PPT is enhanced with direct links to our YouTube videos... see more

A comprehensive review of computer hardware includes links to our exclusive YouTube videos (mrfordsclass) that support... see more

These materials consist of PowerPoint slides and Web pages that are useful in teaching MS Windows, Office, and FrontPage.... see more

The site contains detailed information about major enterprise resource planning (ERP) companies including SAP, Oracle,... see more

This site provides interactive demonstrations on the following: cascading stylesheets, dynamic HTML, and font images.... see more

This site has a variety of Java applets to helps demonstrate different concepts such as: distributions, probability and... see more

Textbook downloads when you click the DOWNLOAD MATERIAL button. An open source e-textbook for the Junior level Management... see more

This course covers the basics of the Access database program.

This tutorial introduces students to Microsoft Access. It incorporates demonstration tables as well as queries to the... see more

In today's video, we look at how to add drop-down lists to your Excel data entry. These are like the drop-down lists that... see more

The Quick Access Toolbar is a great tool that can seriously speed up your workflow. Most folks, however, don't realize... see more

This online book describes is described as a "free, full-length, and occasionally interactive statistics textbook." The... see more

This website contains three projects that could be used in an Information Technology class.

This open textbook is being used in the Management Information Systems course. This is a core course required for every... see more