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Award-winning museum in Halifax focuses on Nova Scotia's maritime history. Exhibits cover ships, shipping, naval warfare,... see more

This lesson is designed to help students gain knowledge in accessing current weather data and in using the MY NASA DATA... see more

Located in Mystic, Connecticut, Mystic Seaport, The Museum of America and the Sea, is the nation's leading maritime... see more

The Santa Cruz Museum of Natural History has been bringing the wonders of the natural world to Santa Cruz residents and... see more

Authored by Jeff Biggus, this website provides a history of light, electricity, magnetism and electromagnetic theory,... see more

This is the website for Smithsonian Magazine online. Read abstracts and articles from the current issue, as well as past... see more

This site features links to twelve NASA radar images of the world's famous archaeology sites, including brief... see more

The Digital Atlas of Idaho project (DAI) is a comprehensive, GIS-based, interactive Atlas of Idaho, which provides... see more

This database integrates field-based research, teaching, and learning and is intended to make geoscience field guide... see more

This educational web site explores the desire shared by past civilizations and today's society to observe and study the... see more

This open historical game was created through an ALG Pilot Grant for Developing an Open Historical Game. In this type of... see more

This fact sheet provides an overview of the gases emitted by volcanoes, which consist mostly of water vapor, carbon... see more

Learn more about the historic voyage of the H.M.S. Challenger. Scientists from all disciplines set out on December 21,... see more

This is the homepage of the United States Geological Survey's (USGS) Yellowstone Volcano Observatory. It features news... see more

This site from the Center for Cultural Design uses the example of Yup'ik Native Alaskan navigation to illustrate counting... see more

This course is an an exploration of British culture and politics, focusing on the changing role of the monarchy from the... see more

Focusing on the emperors Augustus and Nero, this course investigates the ways in which Roman emperors used art,... see more

This subject examines the experiences of ordinary Chinese people as they lived through the tumultuous changes of the... see more

Survey of Indian civilization from 2500 BC to present-day. Traces major political events as well as economic, social,... see more

This course is designed to introduce and help students understand the changes and continuities in the lives of women in... see more

This subject examines interactions across the Eurasian continent between Russians, Chinese, Mongolian nomads, and Turkic... see more

This course aims to provide students with a general overview of basic themes and issues in Middle Eastern history from... see more

This subject examines some of the many ways that contemporary historians interpret the past, as well as the multiple... see more