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French textbook on wikibooks

This website offers free instructional sites to learn French with listening activities and exercies.

A Quebec French language series with audio and video and text. A modular approach to the French language as spoken in... see more

Guidelines for French teachers for and active French programe. The ideas will help teachers to organize the school year.

Online French learning; grammar, listening, listening, penpal, vocabulary, and writing.

Online learning French for young kids using games, songs, conversation, flash cards and other activities.

Teaching kids French through games, videos, and songs and games.

Online French learning. French interactive activities, French word of the day, survival pharases, cultural articles and... see more

French Together teaches the 20% of French words and prhases that make up 80% of everyday conversations.

MOSAIC is a curriculum project that links second language study with social studies in content-based thematic units. Each... see more

To review French verbs and French grammar with 2 doawnloadable free sofware to work offline.

5 interactive grammar capsules ((articles et déterminants, pronoms, concordance des temps, discours indirect, subjonctif)... see more

The fun and easy way to learn French online.

The resources here are created by teachers and small independent educational publishers. Includes reading, writing,... see more

The site was started to provide listening practice in French at an advanced level for English... see more

The author has tested nearly every app on this list for quality and interest for K-12 students. It is important that you... see more

Quizzes to Accompany Allons-y. French Grammar and Vocabulary Practice. Basic French.

Helpful recourses to assist teachers who teach French as a foreign language.

The latest French music with a mix of different popular genres. Music from French and Francophone artists, perfect to... see more

Supersite for French links, resources, and pages.

An innovative series of French podcasts aimed at intermediate-level learners called Walk, Talk and Learn French produced... see more

French and Spanish online for free, a part for beginners with games and audio files, a part for grammar with videos

A list of authentic French menus Une liste de cartes restaurant authentiques francophones

In this Just in Time Teaching activity, students will watch a video outside class on the marketing and culinary arts in a... see more